๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ Goodbye Europe!

Well our European adventure is now over. ย We still have 3 nights in Singapore before arriving in Sydney for a few nights before getting home, but we thought that it was a good time to reflect on our adventure.

We were in Europe for 397 days, 13 months.

We saw 23 countries altogether (24 with Singapore).

I (Rob) drove over 40,000 kilometres (equivalent to the circumference of the Earth) through narrow laneways, highways with unlimited speeds, snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind and fog.

We stayed in 111 Airbnb accomodations. (for an average of 3 nights each) which were all fabulous – no hassles whatsoever – and met some wonderful hosts.

We will have caught 13 flights by the time we get home.

We have caught 22 trains, 4 buses, 9 ferries and rented 4 cars.

We have walked over 2,000 kilometres (over 5 kilometres a day on average).

We took almost 40,000 photos and videos.

Rob collected approximately 500 beer tops, and we bought approximately 150 badges.

We have been pickpocketed (once) and had our cards compromised (three times) and had one parking fine.

We saved money by cutting each other’s hair, planning ahead for parking, self catering and being careful which attractions we paid to see.

Kim (mostly) wrote 200 blog posts totalling over 150,000 words with over 3,000 views.

We followed the seasons of the life cycle of the flowers, (particularly tulips) and ducks, swans and geese.

We have met hedgehogs, reindeers, scottish highland cattle, birds of prey, owls, woodpeckers, squirrels, wild horses, meerkats, foxes, deer, reindeer, otters and too many more to mention!

We have learned a lot about fauna and flora and different cultures and all in all, no matter where you are in the world, everyone is trying to just live their best life.


The countries we saw (in order) were:

  1. France IMG_0240
  2. Spain IMG_0490
  3. Portugal IMG_0924
  4. Italy IMG_1083
  5. Switzerland IMG_2115
  6. Austria IMG_2968
  7. Hungary IMG_0024
  8. Czech Republic ย  IMG_0122
  9. Germany IMG_0785
  10. Luxembourg (10 mins)
  11. Belgium ย  IMG_2246
  12. Netherlands IMG_2376
  13. Norway IMG_1941
  14. Sweden IMG_1793
  15. Denmark IMG_2520
  16. Slovenia IMG_1613
  17. Croatia IMG_2246
  18. England ย  IMG_0030.jpg
  19. Iceland IMG_2849
  20. Scotland IMG_1227.jpg
  21. Northern Ireland IMG_2633
  22. Republic of Ireland IMG_2280
  23. Wales IMG_1075

…. and believe it or not, we are keen for another trip!



  1. Thank you, again. As an old girl, I say “go for it while you are young and fit enough to take full advantage of the experiences. You never know what lies ahead. If you have the money to do it, make the most of it.” We would like to share any future trips too, please.

  2. I have really enjoyed your adventures. You have taken me to places I would love to see but will probably never get to. My bucket list is SOOOO long. Thanks for providing a wonderful travel blog. You are truly a marvelous and creative writer. Cant wait to catch up with you on your return. xx

  3. What a wonderful experience. There are no words, are there? I was privileged to meet up with you in England, and Andy and I look forward to hearing all about your travels very soon. How long have we got? Just amazing.
    Love Denise and Andy xxx

  4. What’ve fantastic year you have had. I felt privileged to meet up with you in England. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. See you soon in sunny Oz! Love Andy and Denise xx

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