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On our second last dayย in England, which was New Years Eve we were still pulling out all the stops to see as much as we could possibly see. Our bodies were definitely tired but our hearts were still full of adventure and passion to explore. In high spirits we headed out to explore Brighton. ย We knew we had hit Brighton when we spotted a clean, still coastline with an endless pebbled beachfront with rows of vintage changing rooms.


Then we spotted the British Airways i360 Tower.

There were a few really grand striking old decorative buildings that have stood the test of time overlooking the main beach.

Then came the old burnt out fun park pier sitting dormant out in the ocean. We really like that it was not pulled down as it definitely adds to the history here in Brighton.


We parked and headed for a walk along the old promenade. We loved the old feel of the decorative and very rusty iron balustrade and stairways that line the long beach front.


We could see the newer fun pier in the distance, but there was a lot to see and take in on the way.

The promenade beach front oozed with vintage charm. There were old fishing boats, an old smoke house and the fishing museum to check out along the way. It was like being in a time warp. The British sea side holiday areas are stuck in the 70’s. It really has a great old fashioned feel!!

Tiny shops selling postcards, bucket & spades. Simple! Like life used to be when we holidayed as kids.


We hit Brighton Palace Pier. This really was a place for fun!! If only our bodies could handle these rides.

Astonishingly from the pier we saw 3 brave people swimming out in the bone chilling clear winter waters. We also saw more white cliffs in the distance!!!

After a great walk we headed further inward to have a look at the magnificent Royal Pavilion. I was really taken aback at how pretty and elegant this palace was. I was in love!!! It was also surrounded by a magical winter ice skating ring. We do love the winter festive season.

We only walked around the outside of the Palace as Rob has visited inside the palace years ago. Not that he can really remember!!! I could have easily brought a ticket and stepped inside this distinctive Asian style palace. Maybe next time!!


We hit the famous Brighton Lanes and alleyways. If you are hunting for the perfect antique ring Brighton is the place for you as The Lanes are full of antique dealers. Shame I decided on a puppy rather than an eternity ring!!!

We found the place we had been looking for in the lanes. It was called Choccy Woccydoodah!


This cafe makes the must amazing chocolate cakes. Just check out these crazy elaborate cakes for sale.


We went upstairs, what a mistake!!! It was death by dark chocolate cake for us!!! Once again we failed on the low carb diet but it was so, so naughty and so, so worth it, but we did share just one very large dark chocolate sinful cake with ice cream and raspberry coulis. Don’t you love that upmarket word for sugar raspberry sauce, raspberry coulis! Who came up with this trendy name?!!!

The lanes became more unique and the crowds thickened.


I spotted the perfect shirt for Rob as he really only has 4 loves;

Me, football,chips and popcorn, mmm … and beer, … so 5 loves!!!

I found a popcorn shirt!!!


Then I saw an old favourite from when I was a child. A Gonk!!! Well that’s what we called them. Rob had no idea what I was talking about. I was brought up in Sydney where the Royal Easter Show meant Gonks and fairies on sticks.


We sinned again when both our eyes were drawn to, BeFries, a Belgian triple cooked fry company that did truffle mayo. Now this brought back memories from when we were in Belgium, so how could we resist!!!


We were impressed and very satisfied with our trip to Brighton. A day at the seaside should always end with chips!!!


But that’s not all, on the way home as if we had energy to burn, Rob spotted Arundel Castle. So, we stopped to explore first the cathedral and then the town and castle.

The sun had set as we finished another big wonderful walk. We would love to come back and visit this castle. It doesn’t open until April. Another adventure yet to have!!!


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  1. Loved Brighton. I’m a Brighton girl, born and bred. New Brighton, Christchurch, by the sea. Brighton, England looks just like the movies and documentaries when I was a kid. Thank you for taking me there. I would have had no willpower with the yummy dark chocolate either. Looked delicious!

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