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Exploring the mighty Jurassic Coastline

On Boxing Day I was still fighting and losing to the mighty flu battle but I was not giving in. Nothing was going to stop me from seeing the almighty Jurassic Coast. ย We set off early as we had lots to explore. The term no rest for the wicked really applies!!! I could give in to the flu or brush it aside. Our first sight was the old ruins of Corfe Castle which sits perched on a hill top.


We also stopped to take in the panoramic hinterland views of Studland. Peace and tranquility all are in this stunning wilderness.


Old Harry’s Rock

We had been blessed with sunshine and blue skies. It was hard to believe that today was a winter’s day. Old Harry’s Rock, was my number one thing to see here. We did a beautiful coast walk which lead us to stunning Old Harry’s Rock. Wow, wow is our only words as the crystal clear water lapped at the feet of this giant white stack. With only a week left of our 13 month adventure it is hard to believe that we are still in awe of the sights we are seeing.


The chalk iconic stacks are made from the compressed remains of tiny sea creatures. Mixing these stacks with white cliffs, clear ocean and rolling green pastoral lands we ready were standing in a picture postcard land.


We headed inland off the cliffs along a woodland walk. We were again taken back at how unique and interesting this forest was in winter. Parts were overgrown with green, green vines and the other areas were twig woods and thicket tunnels.

We followed the woodland path out to the clearing of fields where we were graced by the presents of wild grazing deer. Startled by our presence they gracefully bounced through the fields. Another bucket list moment as we stood admiring these beauties.

Overjoyed we headed back into the clutches of the dark twisted woods. This was a really interesting forest.


We learned that this woods is called, Middle or Coppicing Woods. It contains Hazel trees and Scots Pines, planted in the 1800’s.

Before heading back to the car we took another muddy path down to the shore. This gave us a different perspective of the cliffs we had just walked on. When we returned to the car park it was now full of Boxing Day walkers armed with their dogs. We nicknamed it Doggy Day Out. If only Australia could get onboard and take a step out of the Stone Age and allow families to enjoy their pets in National Parks.


We headed to another hot spot along the Jurassic Coast called Lulworth Cove. Check the car park photo, mmm!!! We were definitely not getting this beautiful nature area to ourselves. It was a stunning day and peak holidays in full swing. Hiking is a popular past time for both young, old and for a furry friend. Lulworth Cove has a good visitor centre and some wonderful coastal walking paths. We headed straight down to the cove to walk along the pebbled beach.

High cliffs once again protect the cove which is flooded with clear waters.

It was a joy to hike up the hill to enjoy the cliffs before us that, from the time of dinosaurs, had been twisted by the powers of the earth. The rocks here showed how they had been forced upwards. The best example of geological rocks we had ever seen.


Whilst enjoying the view we also spotted a kestrel hovering above us. We watched in awe as he caught a mouse. Mmm!! Another bucket list experience.



Our next scenic hike was to a truly spectacular rock formation called Durdle Door. This is the magical place Rob had been waiting for. We also timed it well as the sun was low in the sky. This place really took our breath away. I don’t think you could get a better coastal view!!!!


We spotted this horse in the hillside as we drove towards Abbotsbury. We enjoyed driving through Abbotsbury. We have added it to our next time list as the Swannery was closed.

The coastal drive with the sinking sun was stunning.


We finally watched the sun sink below the skyline as we wandered along the Hive Beach at Burton Bradstock. This is a very popular swimming beach with families. It also has a restaurant and cafe which sits overlooking the beach.


Here we marvelled at the red and orange cliff faces. These rock faces are recorded at 185 million years old!!!


We had a spectacular day which reinforced our love that we have for Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. I don’t think a day could ever get anymore inspiring!!!


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  1. Brave girl for soldiering on. No way would you want to waste the last few days of your trip. Well worth your efforts. See you’re already planning your next trip. Nice to have dreams to work towards.

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