๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Lyme Regis & Xmas

The day we left, The Lair at Hope Cove there was a lot of low fog.

On our way to our second last Airbnb we stopped in at Axminster for an afternoon snack at River Cottage Kitchen & Deli as we follow all of Hugh’s cooking and farm series. Gluten free rich chocolate brown went down well with coffee.

We had lunch here 3 years ago. The staff here were very friendly. We were hoping to get a loaf of sour dough but they had already sold out.


Our next stay was in popular Lyme Regis. We had a cute attic cottage set on a rural hillside which looked down towards Lyme Regis.

This was our 5 night Christmas stay. We had done our Christmas food shop. No animal was to be killed under our watch this Christmas. We had spent far too much time patting farm animals this year. We couldn’t get into celebrating knowing that thousands of animals would be plumped up and slaughtered for the purpose of one holy day.


We had our own beautiful pheasant that strutted proudly through our yard.


On Christmas Eve my Christmas present was given to me early. It was a really sore throat which turned into the flu. I tried really hard to fight it with ginger and Licorice herb teas, honey and lime juice to sooth my throat and gargling salt water. When it became an effort to move, Rob said I was on slow mode like watching a sloth move, I added in flu tablets.

Lyme Regis

I distracted my sick self by exploring Lyme Regis. We spent 3 hours on Christmas Eve exploring this beautiful village that sits on an outstanding Jurassic Coastline.


The town high street is filled with many wounderful independent shops to explore. We enjoyed the treat of a special Christmas Spiced Scone. These were a pure delight!!!


We walked along the seafront promenade. One direction showcased high cliffs and the other direction was the pretty pebbled and sand beach with its quintessential British pretty pastel painted changing rooms. This led us down to the harbour where many boats were docked.

On our way back up through the town we explored the old mill and water ways that spill through the town.

We were shocked that we had been away from the car for over 3 hours. Our parking ticket had expired but luckily no fine this time. ย I had distracted myself from the sickness lurking inside of me.


Our next Christmas present came when we went on Facebook and saw our beautiful cat Dash was enjoying a cuddle in the cattery from Santa. What a wonderful job they have done caring for Dash. We get daily photos and you just know they are passionate about quality care for cats. We are very grateful to them. We hope Dash will want to return home with us in 2 weeks!!!


We celebrated our Australian Christmas Day on Messenger with family. Hurley dog was enjoy Christmas morning on the beach. We have been keeping track of Lab dog breeders in hope that we can bless our home with a puppy.


Christmas Day for us was a rest day. My body was demanding it!! The mist and fog never cleared, it laid low making it a perfect inside rest day. We had a very simple Christmas dinner of rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes with greens. We topped it off with Hobgoblin ginger beer.


Then we got a message on our phone, a perfect Christmas bundle. A 5 week old chocolate lab, ready to be picked up a few days after we return home. We have named this chubby boy Baci, which is Italian for kisses. I hope we are ready for the commitment and joy of this spirited explorer.






  1. What a beautiful place to spend Christmas. Sorry you were sick but better now. So envious of you getting little Baci. We aren’t allowed pets in our village. A lab would be just perfect. We had a black one called Milligan in NZ. Our cat was Spike. Make the most of the rest of your trip

  2. Oh he is so gorgeous.. I am really going to miss all these posts. Enjoy your last few days xx

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