๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง South Devon V – Hope Cove

You know you are in the country when you have a herd of sheep passing by your gate in the morning.


On our last morning here we set off to do a hike on the coastal pathway. First we admired the neighbour’s beautiful thatched roof house.


We then had another walk around the town. We found a beautiful thatched roof house setting overlooking the cove. Many crab pots lay around the shoreline as a symbol of the past times here.


We set off up the steep hill on the coastal path with panoramic views of south Devon all around us.


Rob, the modern day hiker, set off for his walk with coffee in hand.


We were astonished to see so many coastal wildflowers out in blossom in these cool conditions.


We drank in the natural beauty of our surroundings, crystal clear waters, blue skies and nature’s best cliffs.


The coast scenic cliff top path lead us down into South Milton Sands where we found the pretty South Huishย Wetland Reserve. Here a range of migrating birds pass through. Also highland cows, horses and sheep are brought onto the Reserve to manage the land.



We headed down to the sand beach where we explored the seaweed washed ashore. This gave us an insight into the wild and wonderful ocean garden that lies beneath the waves.



We learned that over a hundred ships had met their fate here in these coastal waters.


A pretty natural water way flowed down through the beach and made its way escaping out into the ocean.


We viewed the natural rock archway which was close to the beach.


On our journey back due to sea air we had worked up an appetite. In dreamy Hope Cove we settled down to enjoy a delicious pizza whilst admiring the coastal view from the window.


This is a wonderful place for a relaxing old fashioned holiday!!! Wow, Hope Cove is just a magical place. Another great stay we will always treasure.


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