๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง South Devon III – Exeter

We are astonished how each new day brings so many new wonderful sights to marvel over. On our next day out we were overwhelmed to turn a corner on a narrow lane and fine ourselves face to face with a flock of stunningly beautiful peacocks leisurely grazing by the side of the road. This was a true bucket list moment where we pulled over with our mouths wide opened. We sat in awe of these beauties. Nature is truly wonderful. We now know how David Attenborough feels.


We have even come to love navigating our way through these wildly wonderful lanes. ย Rob drives and I constantly tell him to sleep down and watch out for deep puddles, on coming cars and deep fords, that is a water crossing oh and don’t forget that wildlife also uses these passage ways. Driving in Australia seems ever so simple!! But these lanes can be ever so tranquil and pretty until you come face to face with another motorist. We had to back back twice in the same place just to let other traffic past. We thought we were clear but no we needed to reverse again!! I didn’t think we were ever going to progress on down the road!!


Whilst we are on nature rainbows here in the UK are also a truly spectacular sight.


We were off to explore the town of Exeter. I really wanted to go this bakery called, Exploding Bakery which made traditional sourdough breads and cakes. As the photos show this place was a gem. We highly recommend everything on the menu; that is the coffee, toasty, freshly made sausage rolls, the croissants, sour cherry slice and the huge sourdough that fed us only for a few days as it was so good. The ambience and vintage decor was also great. No wonder it was crowded. Definitely well worth all the research we did to fine this unique bakery. We wish we could take this business home with us!!!

We really loved walking through the Castle gardens called Northernhay Gardens. Yes our friendly squirrels were also enjoying the gardens. They played hide and seek with us behind the trees. We followed the ancient city walls through gardens, past ruins, statues and to the front gates of the castle.

Once out of the spectacular gardens the city walls went down through the town where community Christmas trees lined the ancient walls. The wall walk went on and on down to the docks.

We walked back up past Exeter Cathedral. Which was another iconic awesome Cathedral with lots of wow factor.


The old town had many precious buildings. We walked past the tavern called, The Ship Exeter where Sir Francis Drake used to drink back in 1587.


The we found what Rob had been waiting to see the Guild Hall. Now this was history and we had it all to ourselves whilst the town was full of merry Christmas shoppers. The oldest municipality hall and criminal court in the kingdom!!! Earliest records date back to 1160!! But rebuilt in 1330. Rob had to bend down low to get through the hand crafted doorway. We chilled here for a while reading all the trade crests.


We found Parliament Street which is said to be the narrowest street in the world.

We also found some cute laneways to explore.


I was getting into the Christmas cheer with this photo moment!!


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  1. Merry Christmas. Should be your Christmas card. Love all the surprises you find in and around the quaint, wee villages. Will so miss your travel diary.

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