๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง South Devon I – Polperro & Hope Cove

On our next travel adventure we left Cornwall travelling back into Devon. Our first stop was a tiny historical fishing village called Polperro. The rain was bucketing down and the winds were blowing a gale. You have to park your car outside the town and walk down into Polperro. No unauthorised cars are allowed to enter as the roads are very narrow with limited parking. ย We followed the fast flowing mill stream down into the town.


Well, what an experience we got extremely wet, wet, wet!!


All the shops and cafes were closed. Not a soul to be seen!!


The closer we got to the water the windier it got. Turning a corner in these narrow maze like street could cause us to be nearly knocked off our feet. ย We found the Post Office who explained to us that the town was pretty much closed due to high winds. ย Walking through this ghost town in bitter winds and rain is something we will never forget.


We did find the very pretty fishing cove where the boats danced about on the waves.


Not even my waterproof quilted duck down coat could keep us dry. Every feather in our coats were filled with water. It took a day in front of the radiator for our plump coat feathers to dry out and puff out again.


We were pleased to arrived at our next beautiful country stay in Galmpton. We were still wet from our morning adventure and we were keen to dry out! ย Our accommodation was called, The Lair! Every fitting for a country house. And of course in the tiny narrow lane outside our driveway sat a beautiful handmade Christmas tree made from the road sign post. You would only find such cheer and special creative touches like this in the countryside. We have really come to love quaint country life here in England.


Our accommodation was just as nice with a loft bedroom with a nice stairwell and country style kitchen. Our host’s recommendations on where to go and what to see were also excellent.


After meeting our host she was eager for us to head 5 minutes down the road to spectacular Hope Cove, as the ocean swell was high over the tiny sea wall. Even as a local she was excited. ย Hope Cove, is something right out of a movie set. It sits on a tiny beach cove and it has a pretty green thatched roof pub, a great pizza cafe, an art gallery which showcase crafts from the local artists and the Lobster Pod seafood restaurant, which sits on the hill where your table is inside a pod bubble overlooking the cliffside. Who wouldn’t want to holiday in the place time forgot? There are also many popular scenic walks along the coastal paths from here. We decided to come back another day and explore these.


We headed down to the beach cove and we marvelled like kids for at least an hour, as the ocean crashed over the sea wall. It was spectacular watching the wild weather at play.


The sea cove Christmas tree also gave this tiny village a community feel.


We strolled back past the pastel painted houses thinking we have found another beautiful spot.



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  1. Amazing! That a town can be closed because of wind. That’s powerful. Your courage was rewarded. What wild beauty.

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