๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Cornwall III – Land’s End & St Ives

On another day out we visited Rattler Cornish Cider Farm. This was housed on a beautiful historical farm. We especially loved meeting all the farm animals. The thirsty ferret was especially cute!!

Then we headed to Land’s End. We stood on the wind swept coast which looked out towards France. We did a short coastal walk that became difficult in the high winds. Quite fitting really but very dangerous conditions on the cliffs. The wild ocean waves smashed hard into the coastline. The wind and rain was hitting hard into our faces with our bodies getting blown backwards due to high winds. We were both to afraid to get too close to the cliff edge. The lighthouse out in the water was being beaten down by huge waves wrapping all around it. This was really a wild memory.

We decided not to walk Sennen Cove due to bad weather. We drove instead. We were really wet. We watched the waves bash over the pier wall. The Roundhouse gallery, a historical listed building which sat on the bay was well worth a look inside just to see the stunning timber beams.

Then came St. Ives which is a real stand out, coastal village not to be missed!!! We found it extremely hard to navigate our way through the narrow maze like streets to find parking. It was all worth it when we finally enjoyed the views walking down into the town. Waves were pumping. Clearly, definitely a popular and trendy surf area. Even looking down on all the rooftops was beautiful. St. Ives was a spectacular historical village full of so many independent shops to explore. Property here in St. Ives is really expensive. It definitely had the shops and vibe to match.

Whilst wandering we tried our second Cornish pastry. We climbed the green park hill that gave us stunning views.


A wrong turn down a tiny lane way lend us to this beautiful English drop dead stunning house!!!


Our last adventure in Cornwall lead us to the Minack Theatre. A open air theatre built and lovingly landscape by a passionate lady called Rowena Cafe. There are flowers in blossom here every month of the year!!! Minack means rocky place in Cornish. It sits overlooking Porthcurno beach. It is now a spectacular internationally famous theatre.

We then had to check out the tiny coastal village of Mouse Hole, which at night is ablaze with Christmas lights.


We had lunch overlooking St. Michael’s Mount. This was the warmest place to observe the historical island. You can walk across the causeway at low tide but the tide was in and we just enjoyed the island in the distance.

We headed to Falmouth to look for seas on the rocks but we were the silly ones getting blown away.


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