๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Tarr Steps

Our next adventure was to the Tarr Steps – Clapper Bridge and the Barle Valley. We first came across the quaint tiny village of Winsford. We couldn’t help ourselves from stopping and exploring this tiny gem. It was adorable with its cobblestone bridge and romantic pastel coloured thatched roof houses. One was for sale and I was truly interested!!!!

We had to drive cautiously as the narrow winding laneways were alive with stunningly beautiful pheasants who strutted slowly across the roads without any concern.


After a beautiful drive through green countryside we were ready to explore the Tarr Steps. We got our first glimpse at the Clapper Bridge and then Rob slipped on a mossy timber step which sent him sliding down on his back. I missed the whole event as I was rounding the curve and just heard a thump. I wondered what monsters hid in these bushes??? I found Rob back and butt to the ground half way down the slippery steps!!! Over the next week a black bruise grew and grew on his cute cheek!!!


The Tarr Steps- clapper bridge is a real marvel as the steps are built without cement. This really plays with our mind when we were standing in the middle of this stone bridge,with fast flowing icy cold waters rushing past, knowing that it is the sheer placement and the weight of the stones that holds the structure in place!!!


Clappers are the name of the flat stone slabs. It was believed to have been built sometime between 1400 – 1600.


We did a nice circuit hike along the river.


We checked out the Tree Catcher, which is a structure built to stop trees and debris being washed downstream and damaging the Tar Steps.


We admired rare mosses, looked for wild salmon in the crystal clear waters and we crossed many bridge crossings. The air was cool, brisk and fresh just right for a winter walk. We also stopped to admire the strange money trees and the rich forest surroundings. No one knows who or when this strange money inserting custom started.


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