๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Gloucestershire & Cotswolds VI – Bath & Wells


The next day we were blessed with a rainbow from our window. We were very excited to have another opportunity to revisit Bath. We had a great time there on our first trip to England, so we were excited to retrace our steps and once again soak our bodies in the rooftop thermal baths. We were also sure there was more of Bath to uncover. We decided totally relax and take the hour journey on the bus.


Bath has done a marvellous job of upcycling their iconic red vintage phone boxes.


We couldn’t help ourselves revisit some of our favourite Bath historical beauties. We also were blessed with bright winter sunshine which can be quite blinding.


Bath was in full festive spirit as it was the second last day of their famous Christmas Markets. Bath is just magical any time let alone decorated in lights. We couldn’t hold back we had to try the hot spiced apple cinnamon cider which was delicious to sip whilst browsing the Christmas Markets.


This guy really took my eye so we threw in all our loose change and took a photo. We hate it when we see heaps of people snapping photos and not donating, as these creative minds are just trying to make a living. Taking a photo or filming them without donating is a real slap in the face. If you appreciate it then give loose change as imagine how much time was involved in setting up, spraying your body??


We did a nice walk through the older parts of Bath to discover the iconic Royal Crescent, which is a semi circle of historical buildings with a stunning facade. We also looked at some historical quaint gardens. With the sun setting we headed to the all relaxing roof top thermal pools of Thermae Bath Spa.


We had a 40 minute wait as it is such a popular thermal spa. Our queuing time flew by as we got chatting to group of girls from South Africa, now based in England. ย After paying a very exorbitant fee we attached our computerised wristbands which gave us 2 hours entry to the thermal wonderland. We hurried like giggling school children to a maze of changing facilities. Once changed into swimmers, thongs that you can keep and white bath robes we took the lift straight to the rooftop to be reunited with the thermal rose waters. We knew it would be worth the wait to soak our bodies whilst steam rises in the cool air with the sun setting in the beautiful backdrop of Bath’s surroundings hills. After soaking for about an hour the rain bucketed down so we jumped out into freezing cold conditions and headed down into the indoor thermal whirlpools. This was really fun as I held onto Rob and we got pulled around by the twisting and turning currents. Last visit we didn’t venture down to these whirlpools. We had such a good time it was well worth the second visit. We don’t have photos as no cameras are allowed. I did see a girl got reprimanded and asked to delete the photo she took!!!


This is me leaving feeling rejuvenated and then we walked out into an icy sleet storm!!! We had an hour bus trip home which was great as we don’t like night driving. Another great day out in Bath to add to our travel memory box.


Wonderful Wells

Wells got its name due to the springs that rise up from underneath the ground. This was the reason the Cathedral, The Bishop’s Palace and the town was established here.


There is only one word to describe historical village of Wells, and that is WOW!!! The 12th century Cathedral of Wells had an outstandingly stunning facade and is truly a masterpiece to eye off. It contains graceful corridors with stunning windows, a timeless astronomical clock which was installed in 1390 and it is one of the oldest medieval clocks in the world.


Your eyes are drawn to the unique Scissor Arches, simple but stunning. These incredible arched architectural features look modern but were built in 1338-48.


We slowly climbed the steep worn away twisting steps that lead to the treasure chamber.


The Cathedral’s Chapel House was a real stand out. An octagonal Chamber this was a place for us to sit in peace and let our mind take in all its beauty.


It also has a substantial amount of medieval stained glass windows.


The locks and doors were just amazing!!!


The Bishop’s Palace is just as spectacular and the ponds in the ground is where the original spring water rises up out of the ground. The palace and gardens are 800 years old.

We ended our day getting really wwwetttt!!! That is part of the fun!!!


Exploring the Woods in our backyard!! –ย Harridge Wood Nature Reserve (Ashwick)

We went on a hike late in the afternoon to search for badgers. The woods were full of green foliage and moss. The earth underfoot was really squelchy. At one point my hiking boot got stuck in the mud. Maybe that is how the game originated!!!

We headed down into the gorge but found not badgers. We did find some old ruins. The forest was quiet creepy in the dark. We had to use our phone lights to scramble back through some thin overgrown pathways. We loved this walk which we wouldn’t have done if we hadn’t been staying in this Airbnb.

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle was a was a special stop for us. It is a rare-French style 14th century castle that is free to visit!!!


It was built in the 1370s by a local knight. It sits romantically surrounded by water. The sign outside the gate states: Opening Hours- Any reasonable Time!!! Just a travellers gem as it is in a tiny village where if you blink you will miss this beautiful castle. Not a soul was there when we visited which made it even more spectacular.

It contained stunning towers. Walking inside these ruins you can still imagine how grand the kitchen, Main hall, withdrawal chambers and the great stair case would have been.



There are so many interesting villages and towns to visit. There all have so many cute features. We visited the town of Frome. We loved the open waterway that was in the middle of the pedestrian street. We also love the quaint lane driving, but we are not the only ones using the lanes.

A visit to Clarks Village, which is a DFO clearances shoppers delight! Just so modern and all outdoors like a village. We stopped for a break at GBK for a bite to eat. What a great chicken burger!!!


Do you think I could drive one of these???? I do need a new car when I get back home.


I made a new friend before leaving Ashwick. It was cute chubby Henry. He was helping me vacuum pack our clothes as we need more space in our bags!!!



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