๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Gloucestershire & Cotswolds V – Bournemouth detour

Ashton Court Estate

The day we were leaving our Airbnb accommodation to travel further south was wet and gloomy but we couldn’t help stopping at Ashton Court to view this herd of deer. I had my big plastic bag rain coat on but I didn’t care as a glimpse at these stags is worth getting cold and wet for.

Our next stay was in Ashwick. Our accommodation looked out onto an amazing woods and our host was an retired infant teacher who was now having a career change to become a florist. I had also said to Rob if I ever need to change career paths becoming a florist would be a choice for me.

Friends meet in Bournemouth

On our first full day here we set off on an hour an a half car trip to meet a truly dear British Aussie friend of ours that we hadn’t see for a year. It was my trusty teaching partner Denise who was back in her home land visiting her son’s family in the New Forest. ย On our way we stopped for a look at this huge pig, but he wasn’t interested in us as he kept digging up the earth with his nose.

We were meeting Denise or should I say Granny-Roo and her grandson Teddy at the Bournemouth Oceanarium.

Bournemouth is a nice seaside town which sits next to a beautiful coastline. From the Oceanarium we could see the stunning white cliffs in the distance.

I got a shiver of emotion when I saw Denise walking towards me proudly pushing Teddy in the stroller.


What a great day we shared together and Teddy was a little shy to start with but we won him over and got some wonderful smiles. ย We explored the oceanarium whilst catching up on everything we had missed back at home. ย Teddy enjoyed seeing all the ocean animals. ย He is such an easy going natural, just a gem!! Just what any granny would wish for!!! A real keeper!!!

We saw:

An iguana


Huge fish








Proud Penguins mixed with a Proud Granny

A bird with curly eye feathers


Big jelly fish


Then we all hit Harry Ramsden’s for a yummy seafood lunch.

We had a great celebration lunch. I especially loved the fish and catching up with Denise. Rob loved that he could have endless refills on his chips and he enjoyed having a little one around. Now Denise she loved the Fenton’s Ginger Beer as Grannies do. Well Teddy was so relaxed that he knodded off as it was such an exciting day. He also loved his meal.


We now know another side to our beautiful friend. We knew her first as a professional teaching colleague, then a loyal friend and now we know her as a real hands on Granny who has travelled along way just to be there for her whole family. Her son, daughter in law, grandchild and her mum and sister. ย What a great day we all had!




  1. It was great to meet up. Thank you. You both look so well and it was great to hear some of your adventures. Look forward to Erawan!!! Happy New Year! ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽ‰

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