๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Gloucestershire & Cotswolds III – Our Day

Our special Day

On our 13th wedding anniversary we did a nice walk in the Forest of Dean with its many trails to choose from.


After a rainy start to the day the sun shone down so we chose to walk the Mallards Pike Lake Walk which took us through forestry trail. The soil underfoot was a bog of clay sludge covered in a carpet of pretty autumn foliage. We had to tread carefully as gum boots were really a requirement!!

Part of this trail close to the lake was also the Gruffalo Trail.


We had some left over duck food so we enjoyed coaxing the ducks over to be fed. We also engaged in a favourite past-time, squirrel watching. You have to have a quick eye to spot the pesky grey squirrel.

We also celebrated by having a night out!!!!! We went to the yesteryear cinema. The Palace Cinema in Cinderford is an Edwardian Cinema originally built in 1910 which makes it one of the oldest cinemas still in use in Britain.

We marvelled over the stunningly gorgeous ceiling roses and vintage plaster decorations dating back to 1923. To see a movie in this beautiful piece of history cost us three pounds fifty. Wow, what a bargain!!!!


I also loved our movie, The Crimes of Grindelwald. J.K. Rowling definitely has a wonderful imagination. We are both enjoying the Fantastic Beasts series more than Harry Potter. Also loved seeing parts of Paris in the movie that we have recently travelled through.


We were also looking forward to a meal at the local Indian but what can I say!!! Eating out is definitely on our luxury list due to our travel budget. We carefully did our research reading the restaurant reviews which only had one bad review. We were off to a great start with a nice flavoursome entree and then it turned into something from an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen nightmares!!! Rob loves a extremely hot Indian and a burst of strong garlic flavour on his naan. I usually use around five garlic cloves in our dinner with a big sprinkle of chilli. My meal looked like a curdled microwaved reheated sauce that probably was heated from frozen. It was sweet and poor Rob who likes hot, hot Indian sauce had no heat and tasted sweet. His garlic naan had no taste of garlic and my naan which should have been soft and flakey was like a hard brick!!


On a positive note we were blessed with beautiful sunrises and wonderful frost on our windshield as night temperatures plummeted to zero degrees overnight.



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