๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Gloucestershire & Cotswolds I – Cows

Returning to Gloucestershire the first place for us to revisit was, Gloucester Services. An outstanding outlet that showcases products and quality produce from 130 local farmers. We mentioned this wonderful farm shop in our previous travel blog.

Our new Airbnb stay was not far from this fabulous farm shop. We were staying in Newnham on a dairy farm. Shame we don’t drink dairy milk.

Chatting to our lovely host we learned about dairy life. These well cared for cows are milked by two very clever indoor robotic machines. This for us was very high tech farming totally run by computer technology overseen by the farmer. These new generation cows pretty much live indoors in the shed as they are happy to stay close to their food even though there is lush green grass a step away outside the shed.


We witnessed calm a shed of over a 100 relaxed friendly cows.


Part of the serene relaxed atmosphere could have been due to the faced that these cows can indulge in the delights of a cow massage machine.


Milking is driven independently by the cow. We watched a cow politely waiting its turn to enter the milking stall. Some cows also have a preference for which machine they liked to be milked with. How do you know – the computer records everything from which cow, how much milk, how often to keeping trace of where the milk is stored so that their calf gets their milk. If a cow is on an antibiotic there milk is discarded. The things that these computers track is mind blowing. Farming isn’t what it is to be!!!

These cows have rich creamy milk which is used for cheese. Now that is something I do love!!!


Some cute young calves that will be sold very soon!!!

Here is another farm shop!!!


Yes we are in England with its ever changing skies. One minute rain then the sunshine bursts through with a wonderful rainbow brightening the fields. You really do appreciate sunshine over here!!!



We ventured an hour and a half drive to Witney to visit Witchwood Brewery, as Rob loves Hobgoblin Ruby beers. We did grab a selection of some beers Rob hadn’t tried but we were overall a little disappointed as the shop was very small. Also the customer service was poor considering we were the only customers there and had Australian accents. We have had amazing service in every other Brewery we have visited and we did spend around 70-00 Australian dollars in their store. A little disappointing as Rob had really been looking forward to it!!!



The Cotswolds were once a rich area from its thriving wool trade has so many quaint stone historical pretty chocolate box villagesย to visit. We do believe we explored the best of the Cotswolds last time on our travels, but we were hoping to explore a few new towns. Burford was on our list. It had a cute high street and Burford Church was definitely a history lesson for us.

We also enjoyed Burford Garden Company which was like a large scale farm shop, cafe and garden centre. Really just food porn!!! Oh, we also loved some of the creative light shades that they sold.

Bourton on the Water

We ended up in Bourton on the Water which was like a trip down memory lane. We visited here on our last trip on a bleak rainy cold afternoon. We needed chips to warm our bones. This time it was still bleak and a little rainy but the town had just been decorated with Christmas cheer.

This town with its stone vine covered cottages and free flowing shallow water ways doesn’t need decorations as it is just dreamy. As soon as our eyes set their sights on this charming character filled Cotswolds town there was no turning back, even in the dappled rain. You feel like you are on a fabulous romantic movie set. I think the bleak winter weather makes it more appealing.


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