๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Caerphilly Castle

Our last stop on our way out of Wales was a beautiful castle called Caerphilly Castle. ย We parked in the council Castle paid Car Park which was pretty much empty. More on this at the end of our post!!!


We loved the array of birdlife in the park. Avid bird watchers that we are!!!

We were extremely excited about the dramatic castle that we saw in the foreground ahead of us. Travelling 23 countries in a year has allowed us to see many marvellous castles but for us to enter one, it has to be special and this one was. It cost us 6 pound each which we also thought that this was good value.


Caerphilly Castle is a big castle, the biggest in Wales. It is also very striking as it sits surrounded by a moat which is filled with wildlife.

It has a leaning tower that leans more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


It had a great dragon exhibit.


We really enjoyed exploring long narrow passageways and dark rooms filled with fireplaces, high ceilings and timber beams. This grand room made you feel so small.

It was filled with everything that a ruined castle needed to transport you back in time. Narrow dim steep spiralling stairwells that make you puff when you reach the top and when descending, I was hanging onto the walls thinking thank god we did this before I got too old!!! Though we have climbed higher towers the views were still great.

Then ….Rob jumped into role play when we stepped aboard the wooden fighting platform. Here Rob delighted in firing make believe arrows on attackers below.

After a fun time exploring we hurried back to our car to find ourselves with a 30 pound parking ticket on our car. We were 3 minutes late!!! That’s all it takes….There are words for situations like this!!!


On a more positive note, after we accepted our extravagant consequence (maybe eating baked beans this week!), we sang to The Greatest Showman as we crossed the bridge leaving Wales behind. We were both a little emotional as we were back in England for our last month of our once in a life time long service travel adventure.



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