๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Southern Wales


We arrived in the Southern part of Wales after a three and a half hour drive. Our Airbnb stay was a modern four story unit complex that sat looking out at the peaceful but dramatic changing tides at Llanelli.

When the tide was low the sea waters receded back by about a kilometre into the ocean. Then each morning we woke to the relaxing sound of water lapping close along the shore.


This huge stretch of beach front was a wonderful treat for walkers rugged up for 3 degree temperatures and their furry friends. Interestingly enough our apartment was dog friendly complete with a basket full of doggy towels to dry them off after a romp in the sand and water. This made me want a dog even more!!



One of our trips from here was a little over an hours drive to experience the capital city of Wales, Cardiff. First stop for us was the Christmas Markets. A favourite thing for us this time of year. There is something special seeing a city lit up with Christmas cheer amongst puffer coats, beanies and the smell of mulled wine and German sausages.

One thing we have learned is the British love their festive winter jumpers!!! We decided to check a few out just for a laugh!!! There was even a Christmas suit.


I decided red really wasn’t my colour.


We had a few favourites here in the capital.

The Bute Animal Wall . This is part of Cardiff Castle park and gardens.


We also loved the castle wall clock tower at the entrance to the Castle. Just a knock out!!


We also experienced a great vegan meal at Anna Loka. Great clean food with wonderful staff.

A note on the negative side:

Whilst out and about we have enjoyed sharing a Costa Gingerbread Latte. After our last experience we will not be purchasing Costa Coffee again. This is due to the corporate sneaky hidden up sell.


When you order the sneaky hidden up sell plays out like this to the happy innocent customers. After ordering- You are asked! Would you like our Christmas bean blend mix smoother not so dry? No mention of any extra pricing or signage in the store. Then 20 cents is quickly added to the victim’s bill. Whilst we waited for our coffee we watched how well the script played out to every unsuspected customer, no one questioned if it cost extra. Someone is making a killing this Christmas!! Oh, that would be Coca Cola (who owns Costa coffee)!!!

A note on the positive side!!

Wales does get sunshine!!!

We took advantage of the good weather to explore the coastal areas.


A medieval walled coastal town. A clear winner in the summer with its cute pastel coloured buildings and medieval features set high on beautiful coastal views.

Lamphey Palace

This was the bishop’s palace. The size of a small housing estate for the moneyed men of the cloth to entertain and earn a fashionable life style.


We did the Pembroke Castle waterfront walk. This took us for a walk around the castle. The front entrance was very impressive.

We delighted in spotting a Christmas Robin and two cygnets nearly unrecognisable with only a few gray feathers now visible.



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