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Well our trip is a little like a ‘Where’s Wally?’ book. So, where are we in Wales??? Well it’s somewhere cold, somewhere cold!!!! Four degrees, but feels like minus four. Yes minus freezing four!!! Our woolies and thermals are out!!! Two layers of socks, wool undershirt, thermal jumper, woolly turtle neck, neck warmer, puffer coat, thermal tights, jeans and then woollen cap or beanie!!! Wow, no wonder it takes ages to get dressed.


We arrived in the North of Wales. The woolly waggly tailed sheep welcome us on the road and lead us down the drive. It was the end of the day and they were in no hurry.

We were up for four brisk nights in a character filled stone cottage in Criccieth. So character filled Rob managed to hit his head 3 time on low beams. Our accommodation was called, Barn & Hayloft!

This place was surrounded by beautiful mountain views. There were 2 pet donkeys which were around 19 years old. We learnt that donkeys can live for about 40 years. On their heels was the friendly farm border collie who entertained its self by herding the donkeys. We don’t think the donkeys were to pleased about this friendship. We can think of a few words that the donkeys really wanted to say!!


This active collie loved to eat and play football. It was extremely skilled with a ball and had great tactical skills. This kept Rob amused. Just the perfect dog for Rob. A best friend who loves the game as much as he does!!


From here we explored the medieval walled town of Conwy. A clear favourite for us was walking on the wall itself. It gave us spectacular views of the castle and allowed us to look down into the quaint town below.



The town walls were built by Edward 1 between 1283-1287, taking 4 years to complete. There are 4 entry points into the town. The wall runs for about 1.3km long. Being an ancient wall it is uneven and steep in parts but well worth the effort.


The town was also filled with many shops with medieval characteristics. Low beams were not a problem for me but I could feel Rob’s pain!!


Our favourite shop was Drew Pritchard Antiques, as we are huge fans of the British TV show called, Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard. We were very excited to explore his antique shopfront. We chatted with one of his lovely staff for ages.


Where are we in Wales?

Not far from Conwy we found a free nature trail where we were able to buy duck food and see some friendly animals. One of the ducks that greeted us was a little too friendly for our liking. Greedy, that is what we named him, was a little too close on our heels for our liking. He had no understanding of body zones. ย In another part of the trail we encountered a very colourful pheasant.


Where are we in Wales?

Afon Conwy!

On our travels we came upon this quaint house Rob described as the hairy house!!! It sat peacefully on a river next to a gorgeous stone bridge. This felt like a movie set.

Where are we in Wales?


This was a cute stone village near Snowdonia National Park. The name Snowdonia sounds like something out of a fairytale and that is what this village looked like. Well that’s how the four legged friends view it. Dog beer is sold here!!!

Where in Wales are we??

Snowdonia National Park

We hit the striking panoramic views of Snowdonia National Park at sunset which was 4:15pm.


Snowdonia is described as one of Britain’s breathtaking spaces.


Where in Wales are we?

Back at the Barn & Hayloft

We have become keen wildlife watches on our travels. Look what Rob spotted as we were leaving one morning. A beautiful owl. What a hoot!!


Where are we in Wales?


Sometimes you just have to have patient as Wales is full of sheep and they share the rural roads with you #loverurallife.


Where are we in Wales?

We hit the coast for a day and did a spectacular coastline walk from Nefyn Golf Club headlands to Porthdinllaen Beach. Just one look at the name tells you we are in Wales!!! Now welsh names can be extremely long. A very hard language to learn.


We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and brisk temperatures.


The views from the cliff edge were stunning.


Our walk took us through the headland golf course and down into the tiny village of Morfa Nefyn.


We then walked back along the beach at low tide. This was a walk you could add to your mindfulness bucket list. Just blissful in every way.


We even were on the lookout for badgers on the way back from our walk.


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