๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Yorkshire Dales II – Ingleton Waterfall Trail

After a good night’s sleep we were excited to explore the local farm shop which made amazing gingerbread lattes.


Then we did a pleasant scenic drive up into the hills. We were hoping to see some more highland coos. Yes we were in luck as there were many coos roaming freely in the hills.


The great thing was that the coos were so close to the road. One nearly put his head in our car window. There were many different coloured coos all unique, some with perfect horns and others not so…


After our coo watch we headed off for a hike along the Ingleton Waterfall Trail. This is a walk we will never forget. It is a four and a half mile trail which boasts some of the most spectacular waterfalls and oak forests in the UK. Entry to the woods cost us 6 pounds each. Which was worth it as the trail was well maintained and had safety hand rails as there was a 1000 steps spread out over the trail. A great butt work out, that is how I look at it!! Oh yes, and dogs are welcome, come on Australia get on board. I think Rob and I were one of the few hikers that didn’t have their best friend wagging his tail madly behind us!!! I think we had dog envy as there was one cute puppy just 16 weeks old tackling his first hike!!!


We stumbled upon a money tree. I always thought my dad was the only one who had one of these growing in our backyard.


We hadn’t walked very long before we hit our first falls called Pecca Falls. Here 5 falls drop over 30 metres.


There were so many spots to stop and take in the beautiful scenery.


Then we came to, Thornton Force!! The river plunges 14 meters over a limestone cliff.


We climbed high to get a good view of the surroundings valley and farm land. Felt more like God’s view as the sun shone through the clouds.


We came face to face with many sheep. Here in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales the unique black faced sheep with curly horns is breed to withstand harsh cold winter conditions. The male sheep is called Swaledale Tup. Things you learn!!!


This hike lead us through ever changing landscapes. We followed stony mossy walls, crossed through farmland and over many bridges and then back along more cascading falls.


Beezley falls consisted of three beautiful waterfalls side by side.


Rival Falls lead down into a swift moving Canyon.


And this is where we came face to face with what Rob described as a, Big Pecca!!


I crossed the viewing bridge alone to look down at Baxenghyll Gorge. Rob decided to pass due to the height!! I didn’t blame him as my body froze in time when I tried to look down over the bridge. The view was well worth the adrenaline that hit my body. The map stated a viewing bridge for those not afraid of heights.


Our last falls was, Snow Falls along with what’s meant to be a wishing mushroom. You are meant to add a coin into the timber carving and make a wish, as the woods are meant to be Enchanted. I just gave it a good rub!!!


The walk then lead us down hill through the cute town of Ingleton where we got to walk along the Rive Doe close to the aqueduct.


This sign I found in the town of Settle says it all!!!


The day’s excitement was not quite over as we got to view our favourite coos again on our journey home. We really just visited them for friends Dennis and Fran back at home!!!





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