๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Yorkshire Dales I – Skipton Castle Woods

We arrived in the dark in small Malham, after travelling from Liverpool where we filled Rob’s bucket list to the brim. We were very lucky to get a hospitality package to watch LFC win 2 nil against Fulham. ย It was also the 11/11/18 making it the 100 year anniversary which marked the end of WWI. I was exhausted after the match hype and fell asleep on our car journey. Our accommodation was in the National Park in the Airton Mill House.


We didn’t know how spectacular the views were from every window until morning hit.


The house was set snuggly on the river. We could hear the water rushing by.


We spent our first morning spotting the inquisitive local grey squirrels that scampered and bounced around the trees below our windows.

Our first walk was the Earl of Thanet Trail in Skipton Castle Woods. It was great weather for walking. The forest floor underneath our feet was full of fallen autumn foliage. We followed the river and crossed over a bridge and passed twig horse statues and a small dam waterfall to reach the high rising Skipton Castle.

We stopped to spot a squirrel fussing around in the bare Autumn branches.


Further along we came to the High Corn Mill. This mill was established in 1310. Rob got to pull the mill lever which set the water wheel in motion. This was an easy and enjoyable 4 kilometre walk.

We love exploring quaint villages, so Saltaire Village which is a world heritage listed village was on our radar. It is a well preserved industrial village set on a beautiful canal. Rob even found his own offical park for us to have a picnic snack in.

We weren’t overly impressed, but we spent some time exploring the old Salt Mill where there was a wonderful bookstore gallery and great vintage emporium.

At dusk we made it back to our accommodation to do a river walk around our area which is part of the Pennine Way. We enjoyed walking along the babbling brook. We were out looking for Mr shy badger or an otter on the banks as both of these beauties come out at sunset. Yes at 4-30pm the sun is leaving us and making it way to Australia. We were surrounded by natural beauty but no visible wild life but we know it is definitely out there.






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