๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช Blessington & Enrique

An old friend came to say goodbye to us before we headed off. What trusty great companions dogs are.


Our next stay had us driving through some pretty scenery in the Glendalough mountains. We stopped to explore some of the the old ruins, creeks and panoramic views.

Our new stay was about 50 minutes from Dublin on a rural property in Blessington. We were once again greeted by man’s best friend, a playful 6 month old lab who liked to come into our cottage and steal Rob’s socks. The other two smaller dogs would come in and keep warm by the fire in the late afternoon.


This place had beautiful views and a nice walk down to the lake shore through the backyard paddocks. One of the host’s horses was keen to come with us for a walk.

It was easy to lose yourself in the peace and tranquillity of rural living with these glorious sunsets.

We had planned a second trip to Dublin. We were heading for a night out to see Enrique Iglesias so we were first going to explore another museum in Dublin. Heading in we stopped a grand canal of swans.


We visited the National Museum of Archaeology as I had wanted to see the bog bodies exhibit. The museum building was worth a look just for its beautiful mosaic floors and glamorous staircases.

There is so much to see here from bog people to Vikings and Egyptian exhibits.

The most interesting being the bog people. These bodies were discovered in peat which preserved them still having skin, hair teeth and nails. These bodies are thought to be about 2000 years old from the Early Iron Age 400 – 200 BC. They were able to determine their age, how they died due to their horrific wounds and diet. Rob said in 2000 years when his body is discovered they will nick name him Potato Man!!!

We headed to two of our favourite places to eat Avoca cafe for a delicious gluten free chocolate brownie. This was so good with coffee. Then a stroll through town to Bobos Gourmet Burgers to try a few more hot and spicy chicken burgers on the menu.

We were then set to give Enrique Iglesias a second chance. We drove to 3 Arena. We had seen Enrique years ago with Pit Bull but were disappointed by the lack of time Enrique was on stage.

The Dublin 3 Arena was a nice modern concert hall. Thank goodness they had great popcorn and good Kilkenny Irish beer as the support act weren’t holding our interest. Then finally Enrique blasted on stage to thousands of screaming Irish females with I-phones held high. Enrique was a true crowd pleaser. Chatting with the audience, getting amongst the crowd and collecting token g-strings and bras with each new song.

It was a stand up, dance and sing your heart out kind of concert, as he played all his top favourites.


Enrique is like good wine; he has got better with age.


Thought we did notice his backup singers who are amazing do more than their fair share of the singing whilst Enrique passes the mike out to the audience. He knows exactly what he is doing as a good concert is one filled with audience participation.


Oh and then there were the huge balloons that dropped from the roof during the last song for the audience to bounce around and loads of falling confetti.


It was a fabulous concert and a wonderful Irish crowd. A truly great memory for use of our time in Dublin.


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  1. What wonderful memories! Loved your digs. So homely with great views from in front of the fireplace. The friendly dogs and horse really made you feel at home. The bog people sure are fascinating. Sounds like the concert was a great night.

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