๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Belfast

After a 3 hour day of driving we made it to the Scottish Sea. We caught the Stena Line ferry across from Loch Ryan Port to Belfast.

Our ferry ride was a smooth ride across the waters which took just under 3 hours. We were once again impressed with the plush facilities once we drove aboard. Happy to explore were found great relaxing spaces with cafes, restaurants and a movie room. Once we set sail we took in the views on the outside deck and discovered the inviting spa facilities.

We had paid extra for reserved seating in a quiet area lounge. Hygge Lounge is all about slowing down and relaxing. Our seats were so cozy that Rob and I were soooo relaxed on our journey over to Ireland that we both slept for most of the way. Rob definitely needed it as he has driven around 35 000 kilometres.


Our Airbnb accommodation in Belfast was an easy self check in, in a quiet area not far from the peace wall.

The peace wall seemed to have a lot of graffiti on it.


The weather was not the best during our stay which added a gloomy feel to the area along with many barbed wire fences and past historical billboards.

Due to bad weather we didn’t get to see a lot of Belfast instead we browsed local shops and spent time relaxing indoors.



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