๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Kelpies & Culross

Highland Cows

Our first day trip from Edinburgh was to the Swanston Golf Club, just south of the city. ย  We had researched that there were some Highland Cows roaming above the golf course and we were very keen to see them. ย It was a cold windy day and we parked at the golf course before making the steep trek up the mountain. ย After about 20 minutes we saw 2 highland cows in an enclosure! ย They were a fair way from the fence and, although we stayed for a while, they were a tad camera shy as their grass was so much more interesting!


The Kelpies

Our next day trip from Edinburgh was west to the Kelpies. ย  These 2 enormous water horse sculptures opened in 2013 and are 30 metres tall. ย  They are visible from the highway but you can park and visit them up close. ย They are enormous and so beautiful considering they are made entirely of metal. ย Of course, we were more interested in the variety of mushrooms we spotted on our way there!

The Kelpies were definitely something that needed to be seen up close.



On our way back to Edinburgh from the Kelpies, we stopped at Culross. ย We had read that this was a particularly cute village so we hopped out for a look. ย It was a small village that had a few cobblestoned streets and some colourful houses. ย Up the hill were the ruins of Culross Abbey (with a few tasty blackberries growing) and the church nearby – which had a fascinating graveyard as almost every gravestone was leaning and so was the ground!


East Wemyss

Our next accommodation was a few hours north, on the east coast in a village called East Wemyss. ย Our cottage had beautiful views over the bay (with oil rigs in the middle!) and a lovely ruined castle a short walk away (although it was a short trip as Kim fell over and ripped a hole in her knee – a lot of blood and a nasty scar now!)




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