๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ท Zadar

Our drive out of Split was once again meet with really strong winds at the top of the mountain pass. Traffic conditions reduced to speeds of 50 kilometres per hour in stretches you could usually do 100 to 130 kilometres per hour. On our way into Split the winds were extremely high and speeds were reduced to 40. You can’t mess with nature, Rob once again had nerves of steel whilst I gritted my teeth and tried to enjoy the spectacular views. Sudden wind gushes would pull at our car and send us in directions which were not at all favourable – towards the cliff edge!!


Our road trip lead us along the coastline of Croatia heading towards Slovenia and Italy. As we headed for the coastal Croatian town of Zadar the mountain range followed us with a misty hue of clouds hugging the mountain skyline.


Zadar suffered extensive damage after being bombed in WWII. The damage took years to clear. So much history gone at the drop of a bomb!!! Devastating as Zadar’s history dates back 2000 years. Rob wandered through scattered remains from past civilisations.

Besides ancient ruins, Zadar has many outstanding churches that had beautiful architecture to admire. We visited St. Anastasia Cathedral with its large rose window and lofty belfry. The other church that we admired was St. Donat’s Church with its beautiful acoustics. It is no longer used as a place of worship. It is used for concerts.

The promenade waters were shining like gems. We were keen to head to the steps at the tip of the peninsula as this is what we had been waiting to see or should I say hear. The sea organ!!! As we approach the steps it sounded like harmonious whales. The noise arises through holes drilled into the marble stairs which links to 35 organ pipes. We sat here and listened to the waters play tranquil music whilst fish swam beneath our feet. Such a simple but heavenly sound!!

A little further along we found the solar panelled floor that lights up as the sun sets, but we couldn’t wait around to see the light spectacular!


Lavender gardens are now ever present through all the towns we visit. This is just one of nature’s summertime symbols. We thought we wouldn’t see lavender until we reached Provence.


We strolled the cute town streets. Had coffee whilst prosciutto hung above our heads. Before leaving we did some veggie shopping at the local green market. We bought the biggest tomatoes and red onions we had ever seen. We also found a great cheese stall, all our fresh produce worked together to make dinner. Market shopping is just the way to go in the summer time here. They are full of so much great produce.


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