๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl

On our second day here in the alpine good life we decided to go to Salzkammergut Therme Waterworld – EurothermenResort Bad Ischl as we had got risottoed yesterday!!! This was a unique world of salt and brine 3% salt and a temperature of 34 degrees. This spa had underwater massage jets, a whirlpool, a lazy river where you just float along, solarium and an outdoor resting area. Relaxation for the soul was important for my tour director, as Rob’s back is one big knot from tackling the high speed autobahns in Germany!!!

This relaxing experience cost us 17 euros each for 4 hours a saving of 2 euros when we used our Salzkammergut Discount Card which we receive for staying in the area!!! This card is a great ideas for both local business owners and tourists – win win for everyone!! These thermal pools had 800 security lockers which shows how popular they must get in the winter months. The indoor pool and spa were surrounded by lines of deck chairs. There was an upper and lower indoor deck for relaxing. It had a very sophisticated ambiance with salt tiles, and full length glass window which looked out onto the 2 outdoor pools. It felt like we were on an extravagant cruise ship. There has to be health benefits just thinking about sailing away without a care in the world.

After soaking our bodies to a prune like state in the warm salty waters we grabbed something to eat in the cafe and then enjoyed relaxing in the afternoon shade. At 4pm it was a mere 29 degrees.


After our spa experience we set off to explore the town of Bad Ischl. It surrounded a river and the layout oozed elegance with its well manicured gardens, pretty flower beds, fabulous architectural building and a wonderful selection of sophisticated shops to browse through. I was taken in by the elegant and very expensive traditional women’s Austrian clothing that just looked so lux. This well established alpine town was just beautiful to stroll through. You also needed money to do some serious shopping here!!

On our drive back we stopped at least 3 times to explore the crystal clear fast flowing rivers and the cascading creeks full of boulders. I took off my shoes and immersed the lower third of my body in the ice cold waters. I could only stay in for about ten seconds. How amazing did it feel when the blood finally flowed back through my extremities. What a rush!! Now I know why people jump into icy waters for health benefits.

Even though there were many tranquil rocky pools that looked great for swimming there were signs warning of flash flooding. The alpine country is not a place to take risks in a simple heavy rainfall can cause a torrent of water to gush into the creek beds. The old bridge in this photo that lay on the banks is proof of the dangers that lurk in these waters.


The half an hour scenic alpine drive home was too beautiful for words. I don’t know if you would ever take these giant mountains, ethereal lakes and rapidly running crystal clear creeks for granted even if you lived here. Just an inspiring feel good vista!!!

One thing we have learned from our travels is you never really know what you are going to learn. The thing that really jumped out at me over our rural stays is how living in suburban areas makes you lose touch with nature. For example we have been fascinated by watching the neighbours here in rural Austria. It has been inspiring learning about the old techniques still used to cut the grasses, let it dry out and then roll it into hay bales for the animals to eat. Imagine allowing your grass to grow long and wispy full of weeds that produce beautiful flowers and attract the bees is unheard of in suburbia. You would be the talk of the street as it is so important to have a green well manicure lawn, well kept with fertiliser. No wonder we have no bees and bad soil!!! Wow have we learned a lot.


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