๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น Gosau

As we drove our last half an hour in Germany towards Austria we caught glimpses of what looked like ghost mountains hiding in the misty sky. Then we drove smack bang into the eye of the storm – without warning the heavens opened. Heavy rain which sounded like hail…. high winds…and dangerous low visibility, this continued for about half an hour. Maybe this is alpine weather. Driving blindly at a snail’s pace the curtain of rain slowed…. the clouds opened their gates …. and a heavenly blue sky appeared with the suns ray shining sweetly down on us!!! Talk about unpredictable!!! Feeling a little more relaxed we drove through the valley floor which made us feel microscopic in comparison to the rugged mountain range whose ambience was chokingly stunning and now in our face. Small pockets of snow lay in mountain ridges. The dramatic escarpment subsided into grey jagged granite cliff faces, which flowed into deep green rich pine forests. Next to the forest were lush flowing velvet valleys of green carpet that freely overflowed into the valley below. We had arrived in the emerald city. A new world, a green abyss which in no way resembled the snow covered frozen world of Austria we knew only months ago.

Twisting our way around the mountains we played peek a boo with the rugged mountain range which peaked out above the tall woodland forests. A summer green land unfolding at every curve in the road. Yellow wild flowers in blossom alongside with road signs of snow warnings, which Austria is so known for.


How different a country can look in three months. Dense green lush forest is what happens when the dead of winter comes to an end and thaws. How lucky Rob and I felt to experience these two contrastingly beautiful seasons in this ever changing dramatic landscape. We drove with eyes bulging at every curve as the scenery was like a painting. Our mouths drop open at the sheer 3D dimensions of the mountain range.




Our Summer stay in Austria was in a quaint small village called Gosau. Our host was extremely welcoming and giving of his time. They are a British couple who have made this stunning area of Austria their home. We learnt that the charming house was 350 years old. It is a traditional Austrian house with the lower half made of concrete and the top half drop dead gorgeous dark timber. The floor boards creak and moan when you walk on them just like the elderly.

The houses numbers here in Gosau were given in order of when your house was built not odd and even in a consecutive order. So house number 10 may be next door to house 87. The house we are staying in was the 140th house built in the town so its street number was originally no. 140. You would think that this would be very confusing for the post man but back in history children in school were taught where everyone lived. Then the council decided to bring order and renumber everyone’s houses so you can imagine the chaos this brought to the mailing system here if people were still using their old address. This photo shows that our accommodation has a new address which is now house number 17 a little different to its old street number 140. Both numbers still remain on all the houses.


Inspired by our new landscape we set out for a walk around our local area. We found many beautiful flowers and cute sheep with horns in front yards.

We found the healthiest refrigerated vending machine outside the local butchers stocked with gourmet sausages and marinated meats. What a great idea so if the butcher is closed you can still purchase your meat.


Here you can gaze at the panoramic mountains whilst handling your washing!!!


Our walk lend us past long grassy field past running cool creek bends to the local Church with inspiring views!! Wood stocks were being replenished for next winter. As the rain started to fall we hurried home to rest for the evening.





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