๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Romantic Road – Nuremburg

Our next town to visit on the Romantic Road was Nuremberg. This was a bit of back tracking for us as we had literally driven past this town on the way to Kaierberg on the weekend. There had been 2 massive music festivals called Rock im Park and Rock am Ring on which we bypassed. We only realised how big these 2 combined festivals were when we drove back into Nuremberg and saw the aftermath. Wow, the park seemed to go on forever, along with the masses of rubbish, broken debris, tents and chairs that had been left behind as if the flood waters had slowly receded. I had never seen so much mess!! Well the Germans really do know how to party, but them again it was one of the biggest rock festivals in the world. It went for 3 days and included heavy metal, indie, punk and rock music. We were thinking you could make a small fortune from collecting all the plastic water and glass beer bottles.

The first area of Nuremberg that we walked through was called Summer in der City, where a park had been transformed into a beachfront with sand, deck chairs, palm trees and plenty of beach bars and food shacks to eat at with a pool area. What a cool summer idea, having the beach come to town!!!


We wasted no time and headed straight for the Altstadt- old town! We admired the Hospital of the Holy Spirit (Heilig-Geist-Spital) as we walked over the bridge.


There was a great produce market outside in the square near the Frauenkirche – Church of Our Lady. We admired the Church clock that sat high on its spire of the Gothic facade. At noon each day when the hour strikes 7 men march around a statue of the emperor – Charles IV. This church suffered a lot of damage in the war so it has been heavily restored.

At the opposite end of the market square sat the Schoner Brynne a 19 meter high Gothic fountain crafted in 1385 – 1396. It contains forty figures and at the top sits Moses and the Prophets. This monument survived the Second World War. Many precious art works were placed in the medieval rock cellars which were used to make and store beer.

Another beautiful Church – St. Sebalduskirche also had many photos on display of how it was severely damaged in World War II. There were many treasures inside to feast our eyes upon. See how tiny Rob looks as he views the surrounding of the magnificent Church.

Heading towards the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg (Kaiserburg ) we got chatting to a friendly local man who told us about the bird that had been nesting high in the tower window each year for the past 5 years. This tower is called Sinwell Tower and you can pay and climb to the top.


We wandered around the grounds astounded that it was built in 1040.

The views were spectacular looking down on Nuremberg.

Not far from the castle is Weissgerbergasse – a street filled with beautiful colourful half timber houses.


A lover of fountains I fell in love with this fountain outside the Toy Museum.


We walked along the beautiful walk bridges and canal area of Nuremberg.

The Chain Bridge (Kettensteg)-ย  a really picturesque chain pedestrian walk bridge.

The Hangman’s Bridge

This wooden bridge was constructed in 1457 maybe not so pretty when I think of the name of what it is called!!! But the view along the pretty canal was to die for!!!

Between the 16th and 19th century every city had their own Hangman. The executioner lived in the tower and the roof walk above the river.

Nuremberg has many beautiful statues – The ship of Fools is a statue of a boat carrying 7 people, a skeleton and a dog. It is a scene showing the destruction of the world.

The Marriage Merry-Go- Round

This is an image of wedded bliss!! Very interesting to say the least!!! Not sure why anyone would get married after deconstructing the meaning behind each statue!

Rob guesses that the story is a couple fall in love, she feels chained by him, he wants her to look up to him, they both have their heads turned, they indulge in food, they have kids to try and make things better – but they will always be fighting even in death!


The third Church of the day that we visited was St. Lorenzkirche. This 14 century Gothic twin towered historical church is spectacular as you make your way down the busy shopping mall, it hits you in the eye stopping you in its path. Inside is just as remarkable. It has as large rosette window that measures 9.5 meters in diameter and beautiful stained glass windows. It houses precious art work form the Middle Ages. It was definitely the Church of the day for us.


We ended our day having a burger and then browsing around the famous Frauentorturm and Handwerkerhof Alf Nuremberg an area known for it local craftwork shops.

After a big day filled with walking and history all I could do was collapse in the hammock in the garden!!! Not sure where Rob got up to!! Oh maybe he got lost in the beer cupboard!!!


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