๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Romantic Road – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

During our five night stay in Kaierberg we visited many fairytale towns our favourite was quaint Rothenburg. Rothenburg is said to be one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Untouched by the war. It is like stepping back in time. We spent the whole day exploring this beautiful town it really kept us on our toes literally!!!


The town is surrounded by a 16th century wall which is why we were kept on our toes.


We started at the gatehouse and explored the tower. There are 42 gatehouses and towers.

We took the hour walk along the covered medieval restored fortified wall which gave us spectacular views over medieval rooftops and into the quaint town streets below. Once again the storks were still with us perched high on chimney stacks.

The wall lead us past many towers and low narrow timber door ways. Rob had to remember to duck or he would have had a head on collision with the magnificent old timber beans.

For us this walk was really full of continuous pinch ourselves moments, walking on worn away stone surrounded by history. Beautiful green vines grew down the sides of the wall added to the facade. I spotted a horse and carriage ride below the wall in a near by street and thought how better to explore this old town, but I was trapped in timber and stone wall above.

This walk was an unexpected bucket list highlight. The end of the wall walk lead us to St. Wolfgang’s Church. The fortified Church joins onto the Klingon town gate which has an imposing tower. The water mill and bridge made this a wonder area to explore. The water mill was extremely important to the town, as a town could only grow and develop if it had a good water supply.

After an ice cream to replenish our low sugar levels we decided to explore the town the old fashion way via horse and carriage. Our coach driver was all smiles and chatted to use in German. This relaxing ride cost us 40 euros. Aboard this magical carriage ride we really felt we were on the romantic road travelling back in time in Germany. Horse and carriage rides are always magical and truly special!!!

Well for me they are, I think Rob just tolerates them for my sake!!

After our ride we wandered through the town and I found some great treasures in an antique shop. My favourite sort of shopping. We also visited a Land of Teddies and the famous Christmas museum, which was mind blowing!!! Rothenburg is home to one of Germany’s best known Christmas Markets.

Imagine working in a shop surrounded by Christmas decorations all year round.


The town was filled with beautiful old signage, fountains and stunning old buildings which created a medieval time capsule all around.

We sat in the square (marketplace no 8 ) Cafe Bar and had coffee and the best apple pies whilst we watched the towns old clock chime on the hour. The doors either side of the clock opened up and the mechanic figures reenacted the legend of the heroic mayor who saved the town by drinking nearby a gallon of wine!!!

The whole town is full medieval architecture for the eye to admire and if it wasn’t for the war just imagine how many more architectural treasures would still be around today.

The Old Town Hall (Rathaus)





The Masters Builders House (Baumeisterhaus) with its stunning facade covered in statues


St Jacob’s Church completely in 1485


The Medieval Crime Museum


Rob even found a friendly cat to pat!!


We ended our day at one of the most picturesque spots in the town called Plonlein, which means little square. This beautiful half timber house sits in the middle of an intersection and on either side sit 13th century towers. Just like in a fairytale!!!


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