๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Tambach & Bamberg


Our next stay was in a truly special part of Germany in a rural town called Tambach-Dietharz. We were here for five nights of pure rest. A mandatory resting place for us from being on the road for the past seven months. Our Airbnb accommodation was situated on a private dam entrance. A heavenly tranquil space to replenish the mind, body and soul. The beautiful restored hundred plus year old house was built for the workers of the dam to live in. This lovely red story book house looked like the house that the three bears would live in. It was surrounded by a deep green picturesque forest of tall pine trees.


To continue the fairytale, the stone dam bridge which was built in 1902 looked perfect for a large troll to live under. We were just waiting for the three billy goats gruff to come trip – trapping across the bridge. The long Summer sweet juicy green grasses grow in abundance in the surrounding fields. Standing in the middle of the bridge gave us a picture perfect view along the tranquil serene dam. The crystal cool still dam waters are used for the town’s drinking water. Cool, clean pure fresh water !! This is why you are not allowed to swim or use a boat in it.


We once again loved our hosts. Over drinks they made such an effort to make us feel welcome. We enjoyed listening and learning about their lives here in their beautiful world. The cultural and language barrier made our night together more interesting. We were their first visitors from Oz. For them this was a forever home and sitting out by the dam at night looking up at the stars it was easy for us to understand why!


Many visitors come to the area for hiking as Tambach-Dietharz is surrounded by a green lush curtain of green woods. During our relaxing stay we ventured for a walk along the tranquil dam edge through the evergreen forest. The forest itself felt quite wild and untouched. We felt quite insignificant alongside the tall timber tree trunks and spiraling green canopy towering high above us.


Along our peaceful walk we stopped to watch the huge carp fish patrolling the emerald green waters edge like a reef shark. Wild ducks used the still waters as a landing pad. Their personal runway!!!


This really was a nature’s paradise. Sitting outside watching the fairytale sunsets each night was truly heavenly.


Shopping with Rob is always fun I never know what he will find. On this shopping trip it was balls and franks in a jar. How could I say no as he really wishes he was … managing Liverpool Football Club. And then there were more Bio Quickie – really please!


Well relaxed and recharged after a great stay we headed on to explore more of beautiful Germany.




An hour and a half down the road we arrived in Bamberg .

The first thing we noticed in this World Heritage City was the magnificent rose garden near the tourist information centre. Now there only were the three garden beds full of blossoming silky roses. The scent wafted through the morning air.


We lost ourselves in this beautiful Altstadt meaning old town in German. The old town is surrounded by beautiful waterways and bridges. Which lead us into cute cobbled streets filled with romantic painted building with beautiful timber architecture. Bamberg has many well preserved buildings and highlights what a medieval town once looked like.


Many restaurants with beer gardens spill out onto the streets. We came to experience Rauchbier which is traditionally old smoked beer which has been brewed here since before the Industrial Age. The brewery Schlenkerla has brewed a Smoky bacon beer since 1405. The malt of the beer is roasted over a beechwood fire which allows the soul to impart a distinct smoky aroma into the beer. The brewery itself was just stunning being over 600 years old. There is nothing like the quaint ambience of an old historical pub!! Rob got a selection of all 6 beers and a huge pretzel. We can highly recommend this smoky flavoured beer.


We did note that beer seemed to be the only drink being drunk even by the glass on the sidewalk. We loved the relaxed feel of curb side drinking amongst friends not something that is allowed in Australia!!!

Bamberg has many stunning Churches filled with history to explore!! We explored 3.

1. Obere Pfarre

Two things immediately steal your attention when you walk into this beautiful church. One is the art work on the ceiling and the striking church organ built in 1758.


2. Dom zu Bamberg

The Bamberg Cathedral has stand out medieval architectural features. It houses many treasures. Priceless works of Art the marble tomb of Henry II and his wife. Also there is a sculpture of the Bamberg Horseman made in the 13th century.


3. Cathedral of St. Peter

We fell in love with the front entrance doors!!


Bamberg is a great day out as there is so much to see. One of our favourite spots was the town hall called Altes Rathaus, which was built on the river. It has a beautiful painted facade and it is just magical with the river flowing freely beneath it.


Just after this area you can follow the river walk along to view the old fishermen’s quarter’s lined with old half timber houses dating back to 17th century.


We headed off to find our new Airbnb on the Romantic Road of Germany!!


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