๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Wismar & Schwerin


Our accommodation in Rostock was just down the road from a picturesque lake which we explore. We spotted our first family of baby cygnets out on the lake learning to swim. It was a public holiday so the locals were having picnics, swimming, fishing and riding around the lake.



Our next outing was to the historical centre of Wismar. Wismar has many well preserved medieval buildings.


We also spent a lot of time wandered through many of Wismar’s beautiful medieval churches. St. Mary, St. Georgia and St. Nicholas are the 3 Churches that dominate the skyline in Wismar.

St. Mary’s Church Wismar

Constructed around 1270 the 80 meter high tower was used as an orientation sign for the ships approaching Wismar. The church was seriously damaged in World War II. There was some great information on how this church was built back in the Middle Ages with the use of a treading wheel.

St. Georgia’s Church

This stunning Gothic architectural designed church was completed in 1594. Sadly it again was heavily bombed in the war. It has been restored and due to it vast cathedral ceiling is used as a concert hall. We were present when a couple started singing they sounded amazing with all the cathedral acoustics. Rob and I were going to break out a harmony together but we were scared it wouldn’t sound as good!



St. Nicholas’ Church

St. Nicholas’ Church is said to be one of the finest testaments to bricked architecture. This Church was built for the sailors and the fisherman. It has so many jaw dropping features including its entrance artworks, stunning ceilings, long arched windows, enormous brick pillars, baptismal font, carved timber pews and altar.


We must have been blessed to visit these 3 medieval churches in one day.




Our last stop towards the water was in Schwerin. Here we visited the romantic castle Schwerin which was built between 1845 -1857. The foundations of the first castle date back to 973. It looked like it belonged in a Disney movie as it is surrounded by stunning gardens and it is built on an island overlooking a lake. It is nicknamed Neuschwanstein of the North. The 6 difference outside facades of this castle make it truly a fairytale castle. The unique thing about this castle is part of it is used as a House of Parliament. There is also a Castle museum with historical rooms, a Castle Church and a cafe and restaurant.


This is truly a picturesque castle surrounded by picturesque gardens and lake so I will let our pictures tell the story.






We enjoyed a beer together as the sunset on the waters behind the castle. This was our last night in the Northern part of Germany. We got a message after leaving our wonderful hosts who must have enjoyed our complicated communication via charades to tell us her and her husband are now inspired to learn a little more English. We feel exactly the same way our only problem is the we have now traveled to 13 countries so we have a lot of languages to learn but we have been so appreciative to the many people who have been so patient in trying to chat with us. We have learnt how important it is to be multilingual. Some countries we have been require you to have the basics of 3 languages up your sleeve. We have found being immersed in a culture is the best way to learn.



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