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Our last stay in what we would call remarkable Denmark was a very off the tourist track rural seaside town of Hejlsminde in Southern Denmark. We felt very lucky to find another picturesque Airbnb to stay on a magnificent serene lake front surrounded by green farmland and yellow rapeseed fields.

We enjoyed the instant calm and inner peace of our lake front views. The lake was a conservative area which meant it was abundant with bird life joyfully splashing, diving, singing their bird calls and gliding about the fresh Spring waters and blue plentiful skies. Ducks, swans and geese makes these waterways hum from April to September and large birds of prey like the sea eagle circle from high in the heavens.



The sunsets on this precious conservation lake were mesmerising. A remarkable artwork that unfolded before our eyes each evening around 9-30pm. Yes we are in the land of long Spring days. The sun rises around 5am which means we were getting 16 hours of the suns rays a day.


Around 7pm it really heats up and you can easily get a nice tan from the glaringly hot sun’s rays. It is hard to go to bed until the sky darkens around midnight which leaves you with only 5 hours sleep.



We enjoyed 2 unforgettable walks during our stay. The first walk was out our front door and just across the quiet road. We found ourselves on a picturesque coastal bay which is surrounded by rural farm land as far as the eye can see.



A still clear bay lined with a smattering of rural country dwellings with their backyards dropping onto the secluded beachfront. What an advertisement for the simple country good life!!! Remember the saying less is more!!!sure feels good!!! The more Rob and I have the more we feel tangled in a spider’s web of stress and endless problems to solve!!!



Our second walk was out our back door where we followed the lakefront trail.


Just outside our door was a beautiful old ramshackle boat that quaintly lay abandoned on the lake shore. This was a perfect place to sit and contemplate the the treasures that abound in this environmental lake landscape.



We trekked around the lake through the green forest tunnel where tree branches enclose like a foliage green sky tunnel surrounding us.


We ambled on to the most prettiest old white stone church which had a very impressive well kept graveyard full of family plots perched overlooking scenic fields.


The rapeseed fields were shining like a ray of sunshine up through the earth. Sighting these rich plentiful sunlit fields makes you want to open your arms wide and do the unthinkable. You just want to ….. Run at top speed becoming a human tractor that ploughs a pathway through these yellow floral beauties.


Rob picked a sprig of rape seed and handed it to me to smell, but to his surprise I devoured the sweet succulent green soft stalk and flowers. This is a real feel good plant which is grown in abundance and is used as a super healthy cold pressed oil.


This special place concluded our travel through the 3 enjoyable Nordic counties of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We have loved travelling as the Spring weather warmed through these rural country areas.


We enjoyed one last sunset and then we were once again on the move refreshed and excited to see more of Germany during a warmer climate. Crossing the border back into German we once again were faced with high speed traffic on the autobahns. At times this sort of road travel filled with fast moving trucks and impatient drivers makes you feel like the deer in the park hunt. A body full of adrenaline!!!! And I am only the passenger!



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