๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ Hunting for the Forgotten Giants

Now this is the only sort of hunting Rob and I will engage in!!! On our last beautiful sunny Spring day staying at our accommodation 20 minutes out of Copenhagen we readied ourselves for an adventure hike off the tourist trails embarking through six very unique natural parkland reserves in search of, ‘The Forgotten Giants!’

A sculptor Thomas Dambo created these huge must see loveable giants out of recycled timber. They have been uniquely placed in overlooked natural settings to encourage families to get out and explore their local surroundings in western parts of Copenhagen. A very unique and clever initiative combined by Thomas and the local municipalities.

It had an exciting feel to it as the quirky huge giants are all hidden from view with clues to make it like an exciting treasure hunt. Now we walked around 12 kilometres combined with probably 2 hours of drive to see all 6 forgotten giants in one day. As adults we were hooked on this adventure walk! We were in awe of how incredibly big and detailed each wooden sculptures were and we really enjoy each unique landscape.

If I lived here in Denmark I would savour the experience and do one giant each weekend along with loved ones a picnic basket, swimmers and the dog.

Rob as usual did a great job at researching the best car parks to park at close to each walking trail… that is my Rob! This was our never forgotten adventure!!


1. Teddy Friendly

Teddy Friendly was the first lost giant we found in Taastrup. He was looking out at a beautiful lake extending his arm down in a welcoming gesture.


The lake looked perfect for swimming. To find him we walk through fields of dandelions. There was a cute fire pit area for a bbq.


2. Thomas on the Mountain

We found Thomas in an area called Kongsholmparken. We wandered around a swan filled lake past fields of daisies, milk thistles and dandelions. It is amazing how beautiful these flowers are the we call weeds at home.



We followed a steep up hill trail which could be misleading if you take the wrong one. Hidden high on a steep hill in the forest we found Thomas laying lazily with his lanky legs out right on the ground. Sadly someone had decided to cheer him up!!! Hmmm




3. Little Tilde

We continue walking down the steep hill through a goat farm. The goats were very interested in us and the began chasing after us with a full head on horns.


I think they just wanted to escape and join in the hunt for Little Tilde even thou we didn’t blow any horn to signal the hunt! We took the time to stop at a lake edge to admire several geese families doting over their baby goslings.


We have grown into intent bird watchers thanks to our time out in the wilderness. A very tranquil and rewarding hobby. Nature is a wonderful thing that provides both of us with a sense of calm from just being a still observer. Sometimes we were not able to achieve in our normal daily lives.


Little Tilde was not so little with contemplative eyes that were search the distant lake. We found Tilde peaking out of a tall shady forest. For what he was looking for we don’t know??? What we do know is that these forgotten giants are incredibly awesome and very creative. They all have individual detailed expressions and even fingernails and toe nails.




4. Oscar under the Bridge

We found Oscar along a coastal park in Jรฆgersรธ.

We first walked along a beautiful low set sand dune past sheep grazing and after a while we came to a beautiful timber bridge where Thomas was hidden with just his hand showing. This was so clear!




5. Hill Top Trine

Even though we were starting to get tired and out of water we wanted to finish this amazing giant hunt so we stopped for a cold ginger beer and then headed onto Hvidovre. It was very late in the evening when we started our walk towards a very large cow who had bedded down for the night in her barn. We walked on to see the goats only to find a mother goat had just given birth. It was laying in the grass next to her and as we watched on we witness the mother and father constantly nudging the baby got to stand and walk. This was a very special moment. Not far away Rob sprinted up a hill to sit in the palm of Hill Top Trine as the sun started to sink lower in the late afternoon sky.





6. Sleeping Louis

Our last forgotten giant was sleeping with his mouth open. We found Louis in Rรธdovre. You could fit in his mouth and climb into his tummy. We watched a video where a homeless person had once been sleeping inside of him in a sleeping bag. What a great place to find refuge in the woods.


It took us about 6 hours to walk to see all 6 forgotten giants. Luckily we had the Spring warm evening sun on our side. We got home around 8-30 at night feeling content but shattered. These were definitely another highlight of our time in Denmark. If you love nature and walking the forgotten giants are about half an hour out of Copenhagen and are a must see!


We will never forget these remarkable forgotten giants of Denmark. What an adventure.


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