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We sadly left Sweet Sweden behind and headed for Denmark. We were very excited to cross the ร˜resund Bridge which is extremely unique. First we paid the extravagant toll which was a hefty $50-00 then we said bye, bye to Sweden as we drove across an 8 kilometre bridge with nothing but blue sky above and blue ocean below us. Then you arrive at a man made island in the middle of the ocean and we drove through a 4 kilometre tunnel under the ocean and popped up in Denmark! No wonder the toll cost so much!!!!

Driving this bridge was a bit of a highlight for Rob!!!!


Our Airbnb accommodation was about half an hour out of Copenhagen with very friendly hosts. We were really taken aback by how much we loved exploring Copenhagen that we visited this trendy hip city twice.


Our first visit to Copenhagen was on a warm sunny Saturday. Rob had done his research and found us a great place to park which cost around $10-00 for three hours. There were many bikes out and about a similar number to the Netherlands, Danes love two wheels and a chance to unwind and breathe fresh air! We felt the bike lanes were well designed but they still seem to rule the traffic which can be nerve racking as an Aussie driver. We had one near miss, which was too close for comfort!!

Here are the highlights of our first visit to Copenhagen!

We enjoyed looking out from the bridge at Pebble Lake. The air was filled with feel good sunshine and people were enjoying swanning around on the lake (and so were the swans!).



City Hall Square

We walked on to City Hall Square where we found so many wonderful statues and a cool fountain to look at.



Just across from the City Hall Square we found the Tivoli theme park with its wooden roller coaster built in 1914 and Hans Christian Anderson who is the most famous historical Dane. I better keep reading his stories like The Ugly Ducking and The Little Mermaid to my students!


Round Tower

We visited the Round Tower. We walked the spiral twisting ramp that lead us to the tower observation deck. The King used to ride his horses up the tower.


After embarking the narrow steep staircase we were blessed by a charming view 34.8 metres above street level of surrounding Copenhagen.

We took in the 360 degrees view. The tower was built in 1642 by the King Christian IV as an observatory for astronomy.




Feeling a little hungry we headed to a Torvehallerne a gourmet trendy cafe and market hall which was well worth the visit – there were actually two halls!!!!


Rosenborg Castle

After refuelling we headed on foot to explore the antique market across the road which was full of tempting treasures too big to carry on our journey, so on we went to Rosenborg Castle. A splendid Royal Castle set on the King’s garden.


It was too nice a day to be stuck inside so we decided to explore the garden’s exquisite treasures.


It was a gem of a garden that was lined with beautiful trees. Rich plants were in full blossom and symmetrical plant and flower gardens abound.

Many locals were lazying dazed by the golden warm rays of the sun. Everyone around us were here to enjoy the fruits of this stunning landscape. It was truly fit for a King, abundant with riches.





There was only one more local hangout that could beat this garden on a warm Spring afternoon and that was Nyhavn! This famous Danish historical harbour side surrounded by colourful houses, cafes and docked old sailing vessels was filled with lively atmosphere and people enjoying this spectacular space.ย  It was incredibly crowded!




If this was not enough excitement for one day we trip trapped across another bridge and further on into the hidden streets to find the world of Freetown alternative living Christiania. It was set up in 1971 by a hippie group who occupied some abandoned military barracks. I enjoyed the street art walking into this free flowing society on the out skirts of the city. Rob who was using his phone as navigation was asked quietly to put his phone away!! This was enough excitement for one day. Cheers to the free life!!ย  We were singing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ as we left.


We had to run back to the car as our parking time was up due to spending too much time in the alternate streets of Christiania!!!! These things you need to explore once in our lifetime!!!

Day Two ready for more exciting in Copenhagen!!!

We knew just where to park so we headed in again ready to embrace another wonderful adventure in Copenhagen. First stop fuel my Rob with coffee from a nice bridge coffee stall.


While Rob grabbed coffee the Queen swan perched high on her throne took my eye down by the bridge. This swan had the perfect throne. Her castle was built just in a perfect position so she could pluck lost treasures from the the waters as they floated along in the swift moving current. Look closely at her treasures! She has a wallet amongst her plastic jewels. One man’s rubbish is another swan’s treasure!!!! What a great environmentalist this swan is!!!



Botanical Gardens

We made our way to Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens.ย  For all the green thumbs of the world this is not a place to miss!!! Set in a truly stunning white temple glass house building I literally drooled and wowed my way through this green thumb oasis of the botanical gardens!!!


A green humid heaven where I excitedly left Rob behind and climbed the classic staircase to a sweat dripping wonderful tropical tree top canopy. I felt like I was in Singapore inside the top level in the jungle green house. Rob was overcome with man sweat and stalked me from beneath the deep green canopy below counting down the seconds until he could push through the doors and escape the balmy choking sweat bath I was so enjoying.

An experience we both didn’t enjoy, maybe he should have worn a mankini!!!



Frederik’s Church

Moving on with full excitement we both enjoyed gazing at the dome roof inside the Frederik’s Church.


Amalienborg Palace

It was our lucky day as when we arrived at Amalienborg Palace we were in time to watch the Changing of the Guards with a wonderful Australia couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.ย  It was a wonderful experience as there was hardly anyone there so we got a front row view, not at all like the Changing of the Guards we experienced in London – viewed from miles away.


We gasped at how young the armed Guards appeared as they approached fully armed. Wow that made me feel old and our Aussie fellow travellers were 30 years our senior but I still aspired to their energetic nature (hope I still have that at 70).



Gefion Fountain

After a long chin wag with fellow Aussies we scurried on our way like deadly spiders toย  the stunningly magnificent Gefion Fountain which made us feel like we were back in Rome. The fountain depicts a goddess ploughing the sea with 4 oxen.


This stunning show stopper is situated next to a stone Church which follows an ambient river which leads to the Castle of Copenhagen.


Along the river we watched a family of swamp hens teach their young one to swim. Where in the normality of life is there time to witness these treasured moments in life!!!!


Little Mermaid

We navigated our way to the Little Mermaid Statue where we witnessed an egocentric young tourist who had to climb up next to it stopping everyone from taking a photo!!!


After finally waiting to get a photo of the Little Mermaid we relaxed at a truly special burger cafe, that special Rob ordered a second helping. It was called Cock’s and Cow’s. Cheers to this tasty burger chain!!!! The marinated chicken was truly melt in the mouth with a great ambience and cheerful service so well done!!!


And that is how we ended our experience in Copenhagen, oh Rob did sneak in a quick peek in a local brewery!!!



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