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Life At Happy Dog’s Ranch …

Finally we arrived at our accommodation…


This was one of the Airbnb’s we had been really looking forward to.ย ย Kurt and Lis have a farm in rural Sweden – complete with four dogs, two Llamas, 19 sheep, chickens, two roosters, 2 big cats and a grandma pig her two daughters and lots of piglets – an animal cornucopia.ย ย  Our accommodation was set apart from the main farm, up a small hill and set in amongst the new green foliage on the beechwood forest trees. The spring sun light dappled through this perfect fairytale forest landscape. From our red timber cabin we looked out onto a harmonious picturesque lake where you can fish for rainbow trout. There was an open fire pit in front of the cabin.ย  This was certainly one of the best places we have stayed so far.

Our hosts Lis and Kurt with a lot of creativity, passion, dedication and hard work have created their dream retreat. A sanctuary for both humans and animals to enjoy. They have both worked hard to give their animals a good life. It really should be called ‘The Lux Good Life Animal Resort’.


We got to know all the animals during our 4 day stay really well. Two of their treasured dogs were border collies that they had rescued from a kill centre in Ireland. We went on two morning walks with Lis and Kurt and their beautiful dogs Selma, Zoda, Allie and Jackie. Our rural morning dog walks took us through stunning beech forests and rural conservation park land where we enjoyed spotting deer, elk, hare and red squirrel.

We also enjoy learning how friendly, supportive and relaxed rural life is here in Sweden – nothing like living in suburbia. It was nice to hear about all their rural community get togethers.ย  We grew fond of having the dogs around to pat and play with. Rob loved playing ball with Zoda and the tiny dog, Allie was just endearing and loved a tummy pat.


Each afternoon at around 5-30 we headed over to watch the pigs get fed. Each pig had a name. We enjoyed watching Rosie her sister and her mum eat like pigs!!!



It was a delight to save our daily vegetable scraps and feed them to the young piglets.

After this we would watch the gate open to let the sheep and llamas waltz home into the big shed. Lis said her grazing grass sheep were the best kept sheep in Sweden as they are kept indoors at night like royals. They all have names like Princes Diana and Bubbles. We got to hand feed them rye biscuits each night. They would then wander up to our little red cabin each evening. As they got use to us they even visited by knocking on our door and one sheep came on in for a visit.


Kurt and Lis have also been very creative to build what they called, ‘The Nest’, accommodation that has a glass window with a panoramic views into the barn so you are literally sleeping with the sheep!



After the animals were all fed each evening Rob would build a fire and we would sit listening to the bird life and watching the late afternoon sun glisten on the lake.

The instant green forest around us was lit with fairy lights as the sun lowered in the sky making our cabin beneath the canopy of beech trees ever so tranquil. We felt an instant calm here and even wondered if we needed to sell our home and move onto acreage amongst surrounding rainforest a lake and an abundance of animals as they really add a sense of calm and fulfillment to everyday life.


Besides having the gracious company of the friendly dogs, sheep and llamas one night we found a slug that was at least 16 cm long travelling at a slow speed on our cabin pathway.


To the naked Aussie eye this place is heaven but we know that it is Spring and the best time to visit. Only a few weeks before we came snow would have covered the forests. Kurt works as the green keeper at the golf course in Spring and Summer but in winter he has to turn his talents in being creative. Kurt does a lot of building and renovations around the farm. He also makes handcrafted metal art and jewellery. He modestly showed us one day after our walk. I fell in love with an silver antique spoon which I purchased. You can find Kurt’s handcrafted product and jewellery online if you google Kurt M. Jensen Designs. If you ever come to Sweden a stay here is great for the soul and Lis and Kurt are such wonderful super hosts. You can find more information on their website at Happy Dog’s Ranch. Staying here was definitely our favourite place in Sweden.



My only one regret was we didn’t book in and paid to get Lis to cook a dinner for us as I know she is an amazing cook.




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