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Our last stop before we left Sweden was in Lund, in the south of Sweden.ย  It is located about 4 and a half hours from Vadstena – which became 6 hours after a traffic jam caused by a horrific accident.ย  We broke the drive up with a stop at a truck stop that had a rustic little museum and an outdoor area where they had a small group of elk. This was called Elchpark. We loved reading about them and then watching them frolic in the little pond (it was about 26’C that day!)



Things we learnt about these big beauties

โ€ข Elk are a real traffic hazard – 4500 elk are killed on the roads each year! A collision with an elk usually means that the car is demolished. May – June is the worst season for accidents on the road. When one elk crosses there will usually be more in tow.

โ€ข The antlers are extremely heavy. Rob could only hold up one. I struggled to even hold one antler. During the rutting season in September the elk shed the beautiful velvet skin that covers their magnificent antlers. This is said to be a dramatic spectacle where the male bull frantically rubs his antlers on the tree bark. His eyes turn red in rage. Shedding of the velvet skin takes about 2 days and then males start fighting to measure their strength. Everything is seen as a competition just before mating season!

โ€ข The male elk’s antlers fall out each year after the mating season. A new set grow for the following year.


โ€ข In Sweden in summer there are around 400 000 elk and around 100 000 are killed during the autumn hunting season in. The amount killed equates to the numbers born again in the spring.


We would have loved to have seen these beautiful creatures with their antlers reining high in the sky but the male elk’s antlers were just regrowing. They have long lanky legs, bulky middles and they enjoy running and interacting in herds.

The area of southern Sweden that we were staying was called the Skรฅne area and, unbeknownst to us, at this time of year is covered in a vibrant yellow carpet of rapeseed flowers – everywhere!ย ย  It was amazing to see and so, so breathtaking against the green countryside and traditional red and white timber farm houses and stunning barns.






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