๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช The Rhine Villages – Oberwesel, St Goar & Bacharach

Day 2

Exploring the beautiful villages of the Rhine

After our boat trip on the second day we were inspired to further explore some of the beautiful villages that lay long the Rhine River. I was luck to have my personal tour guide to drive me!!!! Many treasures land within these towns. Here are the towns we chose to explore:


Oberwesel was a true adventure. First we stopped at the town bakery for some delicious home baked treats. We sampled a sour cherry bagel and a honey seed mix slice. We could have devoured more of these delectable home baked treats!! Oh and the loaf of freshly baked bread was just amazing – full of seeds.

Our tummies full and energy to burn we climbed the steep tower (Steingassenturm) steps to look out over the Rhine River. We walked along the old stone town wall which was a pretty amazing thing to do.

We were very impressed with this town’s organisational skills as they were already advertising a flower festival that is going to be held in 2031! Now that is forward planning. Rob thought he was the King of Organisation!!!! He had just been trumped!! We have marked it in our dairy as a possible further holiday as we have plenty of time to plan for it!


St Goar

We stopped here at St. Goar as we really wanted to explore Burg Rheinfels Castle ruins. It is a 13th century Castle that sits close to the bank of the river. It is one of the largest and said to be one of the most romantic castles around.ย  Unfortunately (winter again!) the ruins were closed but we could still see a bit from a distance.



In the main street we viewed the largest free hanging cuckoo clock in the world. It goes off every hour with spinning figures. There was also a huge stein glass.



Bacharach is a very picturesque town with quaint cobbled streets and perfectly restored timber houses. The town’s main street was a true joy for our eyes to feast upon.

The true treasure and the main reason we came was to view the ruined Abbey Wernerkapelle. Its gothic clover leaf structure was truly romantic as you looked in at what once was! It was built in 1289 and was destroyed in 1430!!


This town has many other gems like the 12th century Burg Stahleck Castle, which sits high above the ruined Abbey. Some of the vineyards near the castle are nearly on a 90 degrees slope which is pretty amazing. We would have loved to have seen how the grapes were picked!

These were our picks of the top towns to visit near Bingen!




  1. Loved Face Time. It would be like a magical treasure hunt. So clever. The cable car ride must have been stunning!

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