๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช The Black Forest

In search of the Black Forest

Breisach Am Rhein

After our deer encounter in the forest we decided we wanted to celebrate so we drove over the border into a small German town called Breisach Am Rhein which sits on the Rhine River. Here we celebrated by sampling some tasty Black Forest cake and coffee.


We continued on our adventures by climbing to the top of a steep hill and exploring St Stephen’s Munster which had beautiful views along the Rhine river.


Walking back down the hill Rob was a little peckish and wanted to catch the “Burgerbus”! Rob never misses a trick, always makes me laugh and is always thinking of his stomach!!!!


We ended our day in a quaint wine growing town called Burkheim. This was a beautiful small German village surrounded by vineyards and a forest nature reserve.

We walked down beside the vineyards with the winter sun shining on our face and took photo of Burkheim Castle ruins. There were a few wild daffodils out and I could only imagine what it would be like walking through the vineyards trails when they were lush with deep green leaves and hanging full of grapes. Grape harvest season is in September- October. We have made a mental note of maybe a walking trek in the future. Walk 10 kilometres a day with the sun on your back through serene tranquil vineyards past ruined castles and spend the night in quaint cobbled stone villages sampling wine and local produce.

We explored the town which had an interesting shop which enticed us in with its eclectic mix of provincial items mixed with a rural rustic cafe charm. Mmmmm ….. Very US! We also found a local bio product shop that sold beautiful organic honey soaps, teas, herbs, spices and curries. Again very us! I chose honey soap and Rob got some madras curry powder which became the inspiration of our chick pea and eggplant curry for dinner after our big day out.ย  Before we headed home we did an hour walk through the town’s nature reserve where we walked to the lake and had two beautiful white swans swim in to greet us.

The sun set on the distant mountains as we drove home. We were quite relaxed and thought that the freeze was finally over and Spring was here.




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