๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท A dear experience in Alsace

Day Four

A Heart Warming Dear/ Deer Encounter

A new day and a new heart felt moment in time when on our walk exploring another beautiful forest area of the Alsace region where an old mill sat on a flowing stream we came up close and personal with a small herd of deer.ย ย  We were just outside a small village called Wintzfelden.ย  There were a magnificent male stag who stood proud with his antlers on show, 3 healthy looking female does and 3 young timid fawns. As we approached with each step the male stag gathered and checked on his does and fawns. It was a pleasure to watch how protective he was of his dear family.


Rob decided to pick the fresh dew spring grasses and hold them through the fence in hope of coaxing the deer closer. To our astonishment slowly and cautiously the whole herd were up close and personal. Rob stood and fed the male stag. The stags eye looked right at him. Eye to eye, huge antlers and a lot of trust as Rob and this beautiful stag stood together in a shared moment in time whilst the stag like a true gentlemen grazed from Rob’s hand. Just a rustling sound from moving your foot would see them run for cover! Maybe Rob’s unruly hair made him look a bit like a woolly deer!


The stag’s confidence told his does that we meant them no harm. We spent the next hour feeding these gentle deer fresh sprigs of spring grass. We were overwhelmed with how they were so gentle at eating from our hands. Their manners and care for each other was impeccable. This was a heart warming experience for both Rob and I. Rob’s glass was filled the instant he gained the stag’s trust. He said nothing else today could top his day!! Rob even had the small timid reluctant fawn eating from his hand. We have learnt that encounters with nature can do miracles in lifting your spirit and providing you with an overwhelming positive feeling which is great for your wellbeing. This says a lot about the elderly and terminally ill in having pets.


This whole experience lead us to discuss what does a rich life mean?


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