๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บ Budapest

On the train leg we saw many large field hares and a few deer running in the snowy flat fields.


Here in Budapest in the capital city of Hungary the early March weather remained bleak and gloomy. The slippery snowy pavements made walking a challenge. Some attractions were out of reach. Simple pleasures like walking along the river paths are impossible due to snow fall. Snow floats like dust on the chilly breeze, floating into your eye lids. We visited many beautiful scenic bridges but the scenic views were clouded by the wintery bleak foggy day which clouds your view. Looking across from the Chain Bridge Buda looked mystical with its hillside and castle covered in snow. Budapest is actually two cities – Buda and Pest on two sides of the river.ย  People walk through the streets with hands deeply buried in the coat pockets. It is a world of beanies, scarves, marves (Kim’s new word for a scarf that goes over your mouth)ย  and hooded dark coats, showing little but your eyes to the world.

The Great Market Hall was a bustling hive of activity where you could buy fresh products to souvenirs.ย  This historical hall was even busy in the dead of winter.

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral contained beautiful artwork with lavish gold and marble finishes. It has two bell towers.

Our apartment was a puzzle for Rob to solve.ย  Just getting there was tricky enough – a trudge through snow – a tunnel through building works – no numbers on the streets.ย  A large courtyard – which door is it? ย  A maze of locks and codes to conquer like an escape room. A beautiful old elevator to wrestle our bags in. Arrive on the floor – no unit to be found!ย  Realise there is a secret corridor leading out to a ledged atrium overlooking the courtyard.ย  Undo the code for the keybox.ย  Work out which of the million keys goes in which lock.ย  Once solved we found ourselves in a elegantly renovated apartment filled with lamps and chandeliers. Once again the central heating was so hot that Rob also had the air conditioning on.

Budapest was only a one night venture for us – a short taste of Hungary.ย  Time will tell if we are hungry for more.

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