๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญLucerne: The Return

We were off to take 2 in Lucerne (also known as Luzern)!!! Two years ago we were here and Rob was so, so sick for the three days. So here we are again staying in exactly the same quaint Airbnb accommodation in beautiful Lucerne. I did write in the guest book (which is still here ) that we would return again soon. Well soon is now! Feels very surreal!!! A sense of familiarity that we have not felt since leaving home in December. We knew our accommodation would have iceberg lights, a fire place, timber beams and a dolphin toilet window. We knew there would be a coffee machine and yummy chocolates to eat!

We didn’t think they would remember us and write ‘Welcome Back’. Ever after ten years of holidays at Peppers Kingscliff they have never said welcome back – let alone remember us!


Lucerne is still our favourite town in Switzerland. This time round we were able to explore so much more of the old town. Not only does Lucerne have the famous timber Chapel Bridge, but so much more. It is famous due to the fact it is the world oldest truss bridge dating back to the 14 century. Rob managed to stagger over this last time (he was really sick).


The second medieval bridge, the Spreuer Bridge which we didn’t see last time is a 15 century timber bridge which is just as impressive. The cool crystal clear water of the Reuss River rushes under its wooden planks with such enthusiasm. Looking up as you walk along the roofed bridge you gasp at the scary paintings that depict a hellish after life.

The old town is a quaint cobbled street village filled with interestingly painted medieval buildings, fountains, alley ways, cafes, pubs and expensive shops.

Lake Lucerne is a natural beauty. We spent a few hours walking along this peacefully vast lake that is home to enormously large white swans, black water hens, the prettiest ducks and seagulls. We even watched as a seagull hitched a ride on a large swan’s back. The water is like a mirror and there is no signs of any life below in its cold clear depths. Green parks and artistic statues line the lakeside.

Beautiful long boats also call the lake their home. We had been waiting 2 years to take a journey on the lake and then go up to Mount Rigi.

Once aboard our boat glided along the majestic lake like a scene out of King Kong. The air was brisk and fog hide the surrounding Alps giving us limited visibility of what lay ahead. It gave the lake a mysterious eerie feel.

After a 40 minute trip on the lake we arrived at the town of Vitznau where we caught the red cog wheel train up the mountain to Rigi. The journey up the mountain was like being in a winter wonderland land. Pine forest sat hidden in snow and the snow sat on the ground like plump untouched marshmallows. Log cabins lay dormant under blankets of winter snow with their piles of wood stacked high.

Rigi was a small ski hotel lodge. Rob found Suzanne’s famous whiskey bar but it was not opened for drinks. The thick fog made visibility limited. I thought any minute I would lose site of Rob as the white fog encircled him.

We caught the cable car down to the charming town of Weggis. The cable car glided down the thick misty mountain. The visibility was like fading in and out of consciousness. One minute you could see, then the next moment nothing but a thick cloud of fog or maybe it was more like falling down the hole in Alice in Wonderland with glimpses of scenery flinging past you before you could really make sense of it.

On our walk down through the town we were amazed to see flower buds shooting through a blanket of near freezing grass.


We voyaged back to Lucerne by boat. The fog had stirred from its slumber allowing us to see what lay behind its thick shield of mist on the mountain tops. Towns and castles that lay hidden were now visible. We have seen blue skies, foggy days, snow and rain whilst here in Lucerne and we have enjoyed all of it.

A favourite of ours was visiting the Lion Monument when it was snowing. The pond frozen over and the ground beneath our feet covered in slippery frozen snow. The strong courageous lion lays broken from its battle wounds covered in ice. It’s soul defeated. This is a very moving monument which lays tribute to the Swiss Guard who was massacred during the French Revolution in 1792. The lion lays down to rest on his broken shield. You can’t walk away from here without feeling moved. We have visited once on our previous trip and twice during our visit this time. This is a place where you automatically stand and take a minute’s silence.




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