๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญFasnacht (in Lucerne)


We did something a little on the wild side when we read that it was the last day of the Carnival of Lucerne so we skipped our stop in Bern and dragged our bags with us to Lucerne. After leaving our bags at the baggage room at the station we headed first to the post office to pick up a parcel that had been sent from Rob’s parents. Rob was a little nervous and worried that this special parcel containing his new drivers license and our two new travel cards may not be there. To Robs excitement when he showed the girl at the counter his passport she got very excited and knew exactly where his parcel was. Here is photo of a very excited Rob!!!


And a big thank you to Rob’s Mum and dad for helping us out of a bad situation. Rob has now glued his new drivers license to his body.

Now on to the carnival. Well to tell you the truth Rob and I have never seen anything like it. We were speechless…

Strange and some what scary characters with fantastic masks marched through the old town of Lucerne.


Families dressed in elaborate themed costumes, they lined the snowy streets throwing confetti.

The temperature was below zero but it is one wild festive party! Most shop keepers close their doors and join in the festivities.

The whole town is dressed up except Rob and I we didn’t get the memo – fancy dress and festive spirit required.


The carnival is called ‘Fasnacht’, where groups of carnival bands dress in full costume and play their instruments. The aim is for everyone to dance and scare away the winter spirit. The noises of trumpets, horns and drums ring throughout the festive air.

The community spirit is wild. A lot of the costumes scared me but also intrigued with detail. We read that many Luzerners literally live for this event each year. They spend all year creating their costumes and bands get together and practice religiously for this big street parade that goes for hours and then turns into a night party and lantern parade.

There is a whole new level to this festivity. Probably because this festival has been running since 1446. Lucerne is said to hold one of the liveliest and loudest. It runs for three days and we were lucky to catch the last day’s festivities.

Lollies are thrown and handed out to children by the marching costumed parading groups. Families have made creatively themed push carts for their young ones to be pulled along in. The creative hand made artistic face masks need to be seen to be believed. How amazing they are, no face paint is allowed. Everyone young and old put their heart and soul into this festival. There are no spectators, mmm! Maybe just two Australia tourists who should have thrown in one of our book week costumes for a festive night out. But there are no cheap nylon spotlight costumes here. These costumes have been fastidiously made with passion for this local town’s community festival to bring on spring!!



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