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Our accommodation in Lausanne is a dream!!! From the lounge room you look out on Castle (Chรขteau) Saint- Mairie which was erected in the 14th century. The day we arrived it was snowing so the castle looked stunningly mystical with snow on its rooftop. We also have views of the striking Lausanne Cathedral which is named as one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the whole of Switzerland. This is probably why I cannot stop taking photos of it, it makes your heart stop every time you see it from a different angle. It was opened in 1275. If this isn’t enough for you to stare opened mouthed at, well you also have a panoramic view of the serene lake and majestic alps all from your back door.

Well there are many more special treats in our apartment. It is full of antique treasures and Rob knows how I have a love affair for antiques. The kitchen table is an old polished work bench with a glass top. I am also in love with the Raber Phoenix antique sewing machine. Both these items are on my Christmas list!!!

But the real treasure is Oukai the owners cat, who is ours to pat and care for, for 2 days. Rob’s face lit up like an excitable kid with a Christmas present when Oukai came in for a cuddle. He slept between us in bed. Don’t blame him as I think it was -6 and snowing outside. Oukai adds to the homely feel that is only possible by an Airbnb stay.

You can’t get this feeling in a sterile hotel. We are real fans of Airbnb accommodation. We love being able to cook our own meals and it also cuts down on the costs of eating unsatisfactory meals out that cost a fortune. Australian apricots cost 48 Aussie dollars a kilo and one golden sweet pineapple costs 21 Aussie dollars. Well we will not be eating any succulent tropical fruit during our stay here in Switzerland. We will just dream about our homeland bounties.

Leaving our cosy abode is as Rob says – a real process. You have to rug up with all the extras. By the time you have your thermals, 3 layers and then your coat, neck scarf, gloves and beanie you feel a little bit like a decadent Christmas tree.


Our favourite places here in Lausanne were:

Lausanne Cathedral

To enter the Cathedral you have to push open an enormous medieval timber door that weighs a tonne. The door itself is heavenly decorative.

Filled with ancient and modern stained glass windows and a beautiful organ. We climbed the bell tower which leaves you feeling spellbound. The panoramic view of Lausanne is just beautiful on a clear alpine day. Just magical!!

The tower bells are also stunning. Rob and I have a thing for the romance and tranquility of medieval cathedrals. Their architecture is truly a masterpiece.

Escaliers du Marche ( Market Staircase)

This is a 13th century wooden staircase that has a roof and winds down the steep hill into the old towns cobbled streets.

At the bottom of the staircase is a row of picturesque colourful boutique medieval buildings.


Numerous 12th century fountains

Symbol of Justice

Every where you walk leads you to a spectacular viewpoint. Lausanne is built on a hill so exercise abounds. The streets are a labyrinth of stairwell and alley ways. Heading back up the steep stairs makes you catch your breath. The cool air makes you gasp like a baby taking their first breath. A good feeling you know you are alive.



A peaceful protest lines the streets and McDonalds advertising is all about Peace and Love!!!

There are so many unexpected treasures to see when strolling along cobbled streets and medieval alleyways. Rob’s chest puffed out when he came across the medieval shoemakers shop. It looked just like it came from one of my childhood favourite stories, The Shoemaker and the Elves! The shop is called Artisans Cordonnier. Cordonniers in medieval times were shoe makers. I do have a fetish for leather boots, not that you could tell as living on the Sunny Coast makes it nearly impossible to wear them.


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