๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Rome – The good, the bad, the ugly

Very early at 7-00 am (due to the fact it is still dark) we bid farewell to our city apartment in Barcelona that we nick name ‘The Rumbler’ due to the fact that our apartment sat above the metro station and in bed every 5 minutes you were lulled by the rhythm of the underground. Interesting it was a way of life you got used to. It was like the underground beating heart that kept time for us.

We had a smooth trip to the airport using the metro. It is very clean, fast and it is very efficient at transporting the Spanish under and around the city. Also quite cheap compared to the rail ticket to the airport in Sydney.

Whilst sitting in the airport lounge drinking coffee we realised how amazing our trip is. Just from our airport lounge you could choose to fly to the following destinations Budapest, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Seville and our destination Roma. Just an hour and a half flight and we will be heading back to Roma to explore Trestevere which is situated on the other side of the river. We discovered this beautiful part of Rome last time we travelled but we had little time to explore it. Locals say once you cross the bridge into this magical part of Rome filled with quaint cobbled streets and many wonderful restaurants you will never cross back over to the city again.


We had a great plane flight on Ryan Air into Rome followed by an easy train ride to Trestevere Station. We then hopped on Tram 8 and the bad ugly happened. Busy tram stop so we madly jumped aboard just enough room for us in the door way (mistake number 1). Then a female pregnant women asked Rob where this train was going (distraction) and then the two women were shouting they were on the wrong tram followed by Italian men outside the train shouting at us (if only we could understand Italian), the young girl and pregnant women (gypsies) jumped off and closed the tram door followed by the door being open by another Italian man shout you speak english ‘watch your bags they stole your wallet! Rob and I just stared at each other as the doors slammed and Rob realised after all the commotion that he had been pick pocketed by a heavy pregnant gypsy and a young teenage gypsy (too young to charge). We were in shock as once it happened we looked back and realised it was a text book case. Our luggage screamed tourist and the gypsy girls followed us from out of the lift in the station. They were the predators and we were their victims. We realise now how good they are as Rob had his wallet in a lower pocket which was velcroed shut. He never felt a thing. The worst thing was the got Rob drivers licence which is a pain so we have had to organise a new one which isn’t easy. Rob’s wallet only had about 5 euro in it which was lucky. It isn’t a nice feeling and it left us feeling hyper sensitive.



The next day with eyes in the back of our head, passports strapped in our body pouches, money in shoes and my new hiding spot – credit cards in my bra – a little jaded if anyone came too close to us we tried to enjoy our walk across Rome to visit Saint Peter’s Basilica. Just like the Vatican so affluent and vast in size with shiny polished marble floors and overwhelming statues. The lavish gold painted ceiling and grand murals hung over your head. Interestingly enough both Rob and I preferred the simplistic quaint Basilica of Santa Cecilia ( 9th century church) more like the people’s church. ย In a way it seemed ironic that St Peter’s – the biggest church in the world – has donation boxes to help the poor.



Last time we were in Rome we had such good memories but we were both ready to leave but a little nervous on whether we would be able to pick up our rental car without Rob’s licence. Funnily enough we decided not to use a tram or a bus to get to Hertz Car Rentals we used Uber – well worth the 17 euro, we think this is the better and less stressful way to travel with luggage these days. We don’t need anymore adventures to write home about.

Hertz were understanding just needed my license but there is no way I am driving here in Italy. Driving out of Rome was interesting to say the least. Bumper to bumper traffic. yes we have a mark on bumper to prove it. Two turning lanes turn into four. Motor bike beside you and in front of you driving madly everywhere across your path. No clear lanes makes it highly dangerous. But the pay off finally came when we arrived after a four hour drive south of the Amalfi Coast in a historical coast hill top village of Agropoli.





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