๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น Happy New Year from The Algarve!


We then left Lisbon and drove into the Algarve – nice flat drive so Kim was happy. ย The Algarve is an area in South Portugal which is along the coastline and definitely a must see – as it is covered in craggy cliffs and rocks – with beautiful turquoise water. ย We stayed in Portimao – a bit outside along the ocean – another amazing place. ย Often abandoned house along the beachfront covered in graffiti, but with million dollar views. Many restaurants are closed – but it is 19’C and sunny – t-shirt and shorts weather!

We went for a lovely morning walk and explored the beach.



One of our highlights was driving the short (1/2 hr) distance to the nearby beach (Benagli) where we caught a speedboat tour of the myriad of caves. ย One of the things we love about winter travel is that we could park nearby walk up and get straight on the tour – no wait. ย Caves were amazing – some even looked like elephants! ย Then they finish by speeding into the beach at full throttle and then landing on the sand. ย Great fun.


Today we went to the opposite side of Portimao and enjoyed a coastal walk along more ragged cliffs. ย Interesting to see the many abandoned developments along the way and the graffiti adorning an abandoned farmhouse.



So we wish everyone a happy new year – would love to have stayed longer here but this is our goodbye to Portugal as we now return to Spain for the end of our Spanish leg, concluding in Barcelona. ย Kim is now feeling better (we went to a hospital and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we could see a ENT specialist), although she is not yet looking forward to the mountain driving!


We had a wonderful New Years Eve together. From our balcony we were entertained by at least 8 different fireworks that danced along the Portugese coast line. Now that was a once in a life time experience. The full moon also rose early in the morning to celebrate the new year.


The Algarve is truly breathtaking, a place not to miss. We ended up spending an extra night here and did some amazing cliff walks where we embraced some beautiful scenery.


We also enjoyed the well stocked Intermarche – which stocked an enormous range of international products. Rob loved shopping for British beers which he sampled over the New Year Celebration. My favourite of all drinks here is the freshly squeezed orange juice. Best I have ever tasted. Each marche (shopping market) has its own orange press machine so you can bottle your own juice. I have taken to squeezing our own juice as each of our AirBnB apartments has it own juicing machine.


I am loving cooking our meals with lots of fresh produce. Cooking has been such a pleasure. Without trying Rob and I have also lost 5 kilos between us. I have lost 2kgs and Rob has lost 3 more. Now that is a bonus. I will put it down to fresh unprocessed food and a lot of walking.


  1. Happy New Year Kim and Rob, what an amazing adventure you are having! Hope Kim is OK now and I understand how she enjoys the flat, straight drives. We are currently staying in a Pool House in Brisbane for the Brisbane International Tennis tonight! Should be great. Not nearly as exciting as your adventures but pretty good for a local one.
    Have fun
    lots of love

    1. Thanks Maureen! Hope you guys are having a great time – the tennis should be great fun – there are supposed to be quite a few of the big names coming I hear!

  2. Happy New Year guys! The Beautiful coastal scenery of Portugal is amazing to see! Your apple strudel looked so yummy Kim! Xx all is going swimmingly here. lots of love…

  3. Loving your posts Rob & Kim, keep them coming, what a contrast seeing you two all rugged up and we’re in the middle of a heat wave at the moment.
    Your photos really tell your story we almost feel as though we’re there….but glad we’re not , too cold for our liking. Happy new year to you both, you look really happy
    Dennis & Francie

    1. Hey Dennis and Francie, we are enjoying it – it isn’t too cold – Rob is wearing t-shirt and shorts! But it will be soon – in a month we are in snow countries – Switzerland! Happy new year to you both – counting down the days until your trip!

  4. Happy New Year to you both too – really enjoying your posts and photos I am heading to Tassie to catch up and check in with the mother AND get some relief from the heat !! Holiday time fast approaching the end – been busy in the garden , doing yoga , and floating around the pool on the giant swan!! I hope your ear has settled down Kim – that is no good having that whilst travelling I believe Europe is having a good old cold blast at present ,rug up , take care and continue to enjoy your adventure Lots of love xx

    1. Hey Steph we are really enjoying ourselves here in Spain just had our second day in Barcelona. No where near as busy as I thought it would be. I love the sound of deep breathing and stretching out all those muscles then coming home to float away of the back of a giant swan. Man keep hold of those memories as the will soon fade away like the summer sunset as the last week quickly passes by. Enjoy time with your mum and hopefully some cool weather. Xoxo

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