๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท Mont Saint Michel, Dinan & Vitre


Friday – today we left early and drove to Mont St Michel. ย This is a monastery located on an island – amazing. ย There was a cute town at the base. ย Inside the monastery was so tranquil and relaxing – you could see that even back then peace of mind was what people were searching for. ย Of course it was the day that cyclonic winds hit – temperature was -2’C – even Rob said it was cold! ย  many, many stairs – but the monastery was amazing.




We then visited a pretty town called Dinan – full of medieval streets and then went to our accomodation in Vitre. All our accommodations has been comfy and well situated to sites we wanted to explore. We learnt today that a black circle sign with a line through it means free parking. Finding a vacant free park is like finding a free toilet but we got one. ย We left our car there overnight crossing our fingers it will still be there in the morning.



If anyone was worried after the cliffhanger aboveย  – yes our car was still there!

The next morning we got up early and explored the town of Vitre. ย They had some of their Christmas decorations up already and we got in the spirit by ordering a maxi pain of chocolate (pain is French for bread – there was no pain in the eating!). ย Another cute town -cobbled streets, amazing churches just around a corner. ย We even found an old castle that overlooked the town.


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