๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท Rouen & Bayeux

On Thursday we said Au Revoir to Paris and picked up our hire car. Yes Rob did it!! We made it safely out of the streets of Paris. Through peak hour traffic onto highways with speeds of 130 kilometres per hour and of course yes it was raining to add to the challenge. At every round about I heard Rob say keep right. Oh and yes our navigation system in the car had no voice.



If you want to see your partner under high stress well this would be it but no Rob was very adaptable and I was amazed at how he handled his new surroundings. ย It took us a lot longer as our sat nav decided to take us off the highway and take the longest way possible – past Johnny Holiday’s house (and all the paparazzi as he just passed away) – but eventually we got to Rouen. ย Rob needed to go to the toilet – but that meant that we missed the cathedral (it closed for lunch) – so we decided to hang around and admire the amazing medieval town. ย Surprises ย around every corner, cobbled streets and alley ways dotted with yummy food and Christmas markets.ย The cathedral was definitely worth the wait – gigantic! ย The outside didn’t look real as if it was made out of white sand.



We then made our way to our Airbnb – in Bayeux opposite another majestic cathedral. ย Free parking on the premises here in Europe means find yourself a free park on any street when entering the town and then walk to your accommodation. Not quite how we would describe our parking. Parks are hard to come by and you need to be skilled at reverse parking especially in a large car. I am being the supportive wife. Well we are also going to get very fit as each of our accommodation has come with spiral stair cases to navigate with luggage. ย We didn’t get a chance to see the tapestry – but you can’t do everything.






  1. Yummo cherry beer! Looks a bit chilly for my liking. The photo of Kim in front of the cathedral captures its beautifully.

  2. wow you two, you don’t muck around do you, it’s great to be able to share with your adventure.
    beaut photo’s

    1. Hi Robyn we are enjoying our trip, so much walking and pastries thank goodness we lost some weight. Driving is a little hairy but Rob has nerves of steel!

  3. Wonderful photos. How clever were the archiects and builders How did they create such amzing structures.? Well done Rob with the driving and Kim for being supportive and not freaking out! A challenge I dont think i could do ! Have you come across any snow yet?
    Stephanie xx

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