๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ The trip of a lifetime begins

Our year’s long service has been described by others as a trip of a lifetime, so Rob and I have a lot to live up to over the next year. ย  We see it as a start of our traveling adventures together.

The last week of school was an emotional rollercoaster and we combined that with saying goodbye to friends and family and moving out of our small one bedroom studio apartment. ย We patted Dash (our 11 year old cat) as much as we could as he is now in a wonderful cattery for 13 months. ย  We will get daily photos of his adventures (although he isn’t as happy about his holiday as we are).

With no time to waste, we left the Sunshine Coast 6:30pm Friday night on the last day of school. ย We flew to Sydney to catch up with Kim’s family. ย True to form, we didn’t calculate daylight savings, but Kim’s parents were still happy to see us at 11:30pm! ย We had lovely time catching up, playing Rummyo in the pouring rain outside whilst Mum and Dad were conducting an open home to sell their house. ย Then we spent our last night at my sister’s who is always up for entertaining guests. ย We went to an amazing Italian restaurant and then on our last day we had breakfast at Mosman Rower’s club to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and then had great walk overlooking the water.

All too soon we were all packed and at Sydney airport. ย After some last minute phone calls, we boarded our A380 Singapore airlines flight to Singapore. ย  The first leg was quite roomy and the staff were relaxed, organised and attentive. ย We loved our flight. ย We had a 2 hour stopover in Singapore Airport where we decided to explore and found a butterfly house, movie theatre, koi pond, free foot massage, sleep lounge and exercise bikes.

Then we had a second flight – which was in a 737 – again Singapore Airlines but this was a smaller plane ย – bit more cramped. ย  This leg, to Paris, seemed to be the pensioner’s leg – all of whom seemed to have emphysema – so we had to listen to gut-wrenching coughing for 12 hours. ย We probably got about 2 hours sleep and can’t believe we didn’t catch some horrible virus. ย Kim asked for the vegetarian meals, which meant that she ended up with 6 Indian curries (all of which were the same)! ย Kim was craving some fresh food.

We landed at Charles Gaulle Airport (like landing on a cloud) in Paris. ย It was fairly quick to get our luggage and go through customs. ย It was 7:30 am Paris time on Monday when we landed (which was 3:30pm Sunshine Coast time – I think in the end we ended up getting 2 hours sleep in 60 hours by the time we went to bed). ย It was overcast and drizzly and 3’C – lucky Kim had laid out by the pool in Sydney to get those last rays of Aussie sunshine.






  1. Thanks for your company last night. The week will fly by and you’ll be off on that plane in no time !! Take care and have a great year,
    Handsome Nigel and his beautiful wife!!

  2. Again, all the very best on your big adventure Rob & Kim, it will be great to watch and read your blog and keep track of where you are and what adventures you are up to
    Regards Dennis & Francie .๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks guys – counting down to YOUR adventure too! We are about to leave madrid and head to portugal – not had much sleep due to noisy neighbours!

  3. Looking forward to following your blog. Have the best time on your adventure! Love Jeannie, Rob and Tom.

  4. Hey guys… miss you already! ‘Paree’ city of love, looks amazing, love the sound of seeing the Louvre and the famous Mona Lisa! I really love the look of that picturesque shop window with all the festive Noel/Christmas goodies… The old church looks majestic x And you both look very relaxed, excited and happy! Thanks for sharing your adventures and keep having lots of fun…

  5. Bonjour! Lovely photos of Gai Paris and you look the part in your woolie hats! Enjoy Normandie- our house was near Thierry Harcourt, not far from Caen. Lovely market there. Although all the markets are wonderful in France. Bon voyage! Gros bisoux d’En Bas!

    1. Hi Denise we see that you are in Tasmania. Enjoy every minute of your trip together. Wine glass bay was one of our favourites. We are heading to Portugal to see the beautiful coastline. Driving a little hairy but Rob has got it under control he is now my man of steel as he has nerves of steel. xoxo

  6. Hi love birds love following you around Europe. You both look like you are relaxed and enjoying. Safe travels and I have now added the blog to my bed reading. I think I might just be a tad jealous xx

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