๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Every great dream has a final ending….

Our last day together in the country side began by hearing neighs and whinnies from the barn behind our cottage. ย img_5724-2ย A peek out our bathroom window revealed the horses waiting patiently for their owner to release them into the fields or take them on their morning ride. I wonder what sort of job you have that allows you to ride your horse through the country lanes each morning. Something out of a fairy tale I believe! The sunrise looked some what heavenly over the barn.ย img_5721

We packed and didn’t get very far along the drive before stopping to play with the neighbour’s dog who eagerly wanted to run and play ball with us. ย img_5727ย Once again outside the gate the horses were frolicking joyfully in the fields.


Such a nice sight seeing these horses playfully interacting with each other. Finally with the wind beneath our wings we followed the narrow country lanes that we have both loved driving on through the scenic country side. We stopped often to take in the magnificent views.



Our first stop was a small historical village called Broadway.



Then on to Chipping Camden.


A quick walk past the local church and high street.

Then off for our last country walk together across fields, stiles, streams, bridges and thick oozy mud that squelched and slid beneath your boots. I did think one of us was going to land flat on our backs in it. We will be bringing British mud home on our pants!


We found another friendly dog or should I say he found us whilst crossing a sheep field. We must have a label on our backs that reads: Dog lovers we will play ball with any fun loving dog!

You see some amazing birds out here wild geese and the pheasants are so so pretty.


The sun quietly sets on our trip as we share a pint of British ale at a pub called Bitter and Twisted in Chipping Norton. Mmm! I think this is how Rob and I were feeling as we have had an amazing time together but everything has to come to an end.

The memories are etched in our bones as we head for a night at Heathrow Ibis Hotel. Mmm does sound that exciting but we do still have some berry beer to celebrate the last leg of our trip together.


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  1. Love the walk through the lush green grass and the slushy sticky mud, absolutely love the sound of the wild geese and pretty pheasantsโ€ฆ the cherry beer sound delectable! Safe travels home.. can’t wait to see you in person. I suppose it will be a while before you can do your scrapbooking, as many gorgeous young children will be awaiting for you to guide them, but at least when you do get scrapbook, it will cover these wonderful memories all over again. See you soon!

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