๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Bibury & Stow on the Wold

Fog was set heavy in the air today. The view out our bathroom window is of the horse stables. It was four degrees as we were cozy, cooking breakfast in our country cottage.

This has been our favourite home cooked breakfast whilst staying in the country side. A Ramblers Farm Fresh Brekky Burger. Our own recipe to sustain us on our daily cross country walks. Our burgers are complete with organic bacon, free range eggs, mushrooms, freshly baked buns toasted with goat’s butter.

Topped with tomato sauce and tasty potato hash browns on the side. Heaven!! This sets us up for energy to burn on our long walks rambling through the country side. Well, that is how we justify it!!



No two walks are the same out here. Today we explored Bibury. We start our walk from the old church and follow the path along the crystal clear stream that edges along the woods. Ducks float effortlessly along the stream.

img_5619The streams are ever changing full of lush green water plants one minute to a mirror of leaves that have sunk to the stream floor.

Bibury features the picturesque Arlington Row, an iconic scene made up of 17th century weavers’ cottages which have been used in many films like Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Many birds live in the protected Rack Isle water meadow area.

We spent some time in the Bibury Trout Farm where we walked thought the beautiful gardens feeding the farmed fresh water trout. A great place to relax and enjoy these huge fish.

img_5615Who has time for work when the trout need feeding!

Thought I might fall in!




We stopped for lunch at our bookmarked Daylesford Organic Farm Gloucestershire for an organic gastronomical lunch. ย We love these farm shops!

img_5679Another booming farm shop, restaurant, garden shop, cooking school and wellness centre all about wholesome organic fresh foods grown on their own farm.

We enjoyed a stone fired pizza with some garlic potatoes.

Of course Rob’s coffee was enormous!



We headed for Stow on the Wold a historical market town for sheep trading. ย The shop keepers here were extremely friendly. I think we spent most of our time only visiting two shops. Both times they wanted to chat the afternoon away with us. Our favourite was an antique shop. Lots to buy but no ways of getting these beautiful furniture pieces home especially because they are timber.

Another time maybe!
Here are a copy of the original stocks that were used in the market square to punish people for their wrong doing and in some cases they died here. It took us ages to find them in fact we walked straight past them. Not sure if we would cut it on the Amazing Race! It was dark when I accidentally spotted them as we were leaving.


We spotted another beautiful setting sky as we reflected on our adventures once again today.

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