๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง The Forest of Dean

We woke this morning to sun streaming through our glass windows.


What will we discover today?? This was me on our walk yesterday! Can your days get any better than this?



Today was perfect weather for a walk through the Forest of Dean. We chose to follow a sculpture trail.


What a great way to waste a day in a beautiful forest trying to orientate ourselves through a forest looking for environmental sculptures that are hard to find.


We came across this squirrel sitting so still like a statue. It took us two minutes to work out he was real. We thought he could have been one of the sculptures, but as he sprung up and flung himself flat against a nearby tree and then bounced off through the leaf litter we decided – he was the real deal!! At first thought he was a sculpture. A bit like at Madame Tussaud’s when Rob said excuse me to a wax statue! We have all experienced embarrassing moments in our lives and this was Rob’s moment.


What a great job this squirrel did at tricking us!

We finally found our first sculpture !

Now here is our favourite sculpture. A huge hanging stained glass window. This is just really cool!!!



The stained glass was truly spectacular when the sun shone through it. We have been blessed to have such beautiful weather on our side.

Another great sculpture!

You could get lost here in this forest for days. In the school holidays it is a great place for families as it provides many adventure activities with climbing towers, ropes courses and a Stick Man trail and activities for the younger children. Great to see the Forestry Department bringing top children’s author Julia Donaldson’s book The Stick Man to life. I am a huge fan of her early childhood picture book full of rhyme and alliteration.

Check out what wild animals live here??


So glad we didn’t see any Wild boars!

But we did see these large bird nests high in the tree tops.


Back onto narrow lane roads!

We then made our way to an old Cotswolds pub where Rob and I caught up with an old friend of his called Keith, and his wife Sarah. ย It was a great meal, great atmosphere and great company. ย Lots of laughs. British country pubs make the best wholesome food.

We stopped off at Waitrose on the way back to pick up some sausages for Rob and then back to our unit. ย Tomorrow, fingers crossed we will be meeting some Hawks and owls before we move to our final Airbnb accommodation.


  1. Love the sculpture walk. Just discovered I get better coverage of your blog from my computer.. so can see and read more! Loving the descriptions Kim, you sound like an author. xx

    1. Well maybe we need to stay longer now you can see the photos better. I am loving being a blogger. So much to write about and have found writing the blog so relaxing. So much to say about real life experiences when it comes to writing. Maybe a travel journalist would be a great job. I think I missed my calling.

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