๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Winchester


Leaving Bath we headed to our accommodation near Winchester. A hayloft set in a farming district. We drove a maze of busy lanes before finding the loft. A quick chat to the owner revealed many nice walking tracks which lead off their property. She booked us in to walk her two dogs in the morning. One is a 2 year old black lab.


This place has some great spaces in it.


We wasted no time in heading off to catch up with Aussie and British friends Denise and Andy. A 40 minute drive but well worth it as it was so nice to chat with them in a British Pub about their home land, Denise’s granddaughter Little Eliza and our travels. A few shared beers, great wine and many laughs!


We will see them back at home in a little over a week.


We awoke to great views of the horses in the fields.


A chicken was truly free range as it came up onto our veranda whilst I was eating a farm fresh breakfast of eggs and bacon.


There is more than free range chickens that live here!

img_4846ย As promised, we took Bear and Moose for a walk or should I say they took us for a walk through the mud.

I think I truly needed my Laura Ashley gum boots. Maybe next time I will pack them. Bear the 2 year old black lab loved running ahead and into the bushes. He was good at coming back when he was called, but I am sure he ran the walking track four times to our once. He popped out way ahead of us and then he would come racing up from behind. I think the old fashion saying is …. running rings around you!!! Meaning we really had no control of the situation.

We chatted to the chickens and roosters and then headed off for a drive to the New Forest.



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