๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง New Forest


We found a sign that said Burger Tuesday in a beautiful pub called the Fox and the Hound. We shared a great chicken burger with chips and beer.

Here in England dogs are allowed in pubs and you can even buy treats for them at the bar. We watched in amazement as a beautiful dog sat at the table next to us.

We were also surprised to see that dogs are also allowed in forest conservation areas like our National Parks back home. You would be fined back home if your dog was in a National Park let alone in a pub. Dogs are held with high regard over here. They are truly man’s best friend.


The forest here was spectacular. Green moss blanketed the trees.


On our walk we came across many high land horses grazing in the dappled sun light. Steam rises from their coats through the sun rays. These horses are not scared of humans. They graze on the side of the roads and forest. You can get considerably close to them. We found many of them on our walk.

Our walk takes us over babbling brooks and creeks.

It is also a deer conservation park due to the fact that in the late 1800s over 7000 deer were culled here due to the forest industry. It was believed that deer were destructive and would destroy all the trees. Only 200 deer survived.

We were unable to spot any deer on our walk but as we drive off beside the road in the dark forest I spotted two male deer with magnificent antlers grazing in the forest shadows. What a find!!!

A great day out with nature!


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